Questions of the day: Retirement at 68, climate change makes you sick – that was important – politics

What happened?

Climate change makes you sick. More hospital admissions on hot days. Whether heat stress, new diseases, ozone and UV exposure or more pollen count: Climate change is a threat to health. Experts call for adaptation strategies.By Rainer Woratschka.

• Advisors to the federal government are calling for a pension at the age of 68. Experts from the Ministry of Economic Affairs call for the retirement age to be linked to life expectancy. Otherwise, there was a threat of “sudden increasing financing problems” and pensions could not be guaranteed in the future. By Heike Jahberg.

Why the Stiko does not advise all young people to be vaccinated. The Vaccination Commission does not make a general vaccination recommendation for 12 to 15-year-olds; it suggests focusing on those with previous illnesses. These are the reasons. By Rainer Woratschka.

• Failed collective bargaining: Train drivers’ union GDL announces strike. Rail travelers must expect significant disabilities in the summer travel season: The train drivers want to strike.

The e-prescription will come in 2022 – but almost no one knows about it. The e-prescription is due to be launched early next year – most people have never heard of it. But it brings big changes. By Gunnar Göpel.

The euphoria surrounding Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock has evaporated.Photo: REUTERS / Annegret Regards

What was discussed?

Retire at 68 in the election campaign? It actually belongs there! A pension concept from his expert council comes at an inopportune time for Peter Altmaier and the Union. But when, if not during the election campaign, would it be time? A comment by Robert Birnbaum.

From climate to corona crisis – when moralizing displaces morality. Society endangers itself when it gives up the pursuit of pluralism. About the dynamics of current and malicious polarizations. A guest contribution by Wolfgang Merkel.

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Children’s rights in the Basic Law – There was a lack of will to compromise. Historical action is always a matter of opportunity. It is regrettable that children’s rights are not anchored in the Basic Law. A comment by Stephan-Andreas Casdorff.

Is it all tactics with the Greens? Not every criticism of Baerbock is misogynistic. Since Annalena Baerbock has been a candidate for chancellor, she has been misogynously insulted. With their defense, the Greens are making it too easy for themselves. A comment by Inga Barthels.

The housing market in Berlin is becoming increasingly tense.Foto: picture alliance / dpa/Christin Klose

What can Tagesspiegel subscribers read inside?

Klaus Wowereit has come out for 20 years. “I didn’t formulate the sentence like that, it came spontaneously.” “I’m gay and that’s a good thing”: That was two decades ago. In the interview, Klaus Wowereit looks back – and also talks about his youth, identity politics and missing personalities. From Vanessa Fischer.

The third lockdown left its mark. Bankruptcy wave, homeschooling stress – or at least full of zest for the next steps in opening up: How is the country doing at the end of the lockdown? A damage record by Felix Hackenbruch, Hans Monath, Marie Rövekamp and Thorsten Mumme.

Finding an apartment in an unusual way. How to get an apartment in Berlin without looking at Immoscout and Co. It only took Fernando K. three days to find an affordable rental apartment in Friedenau. How did he do that? Instructions from Thorsten Mumme.

“Basically, we want to end motorized private transport”. In the Ringbahn interview, the green top candidate for Berlin, Bettina Jarasch, speaks about safety when cycling, goals in transport policy – and how she found a new apartment. By Ann-Kathrin Hipp.

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What can we do?

Into the castle! This Wednesday the Humboldt Forum opens its courtyards. The passage and the Schlüterhof are to open up new urban spaces. But the looted art discussion about the Humboldt Forum does not end.

In the opera! Once upon a time in Kakanien. A delicate mission in matters of Johann Strauss: The director Tobias Kratzer shows his view of the “Gypsy” baron at the Komische Oper.

To the auction! Light moments. Kirchner, Nay & Uecker: The highlights of Ketterer’s spring auctions will be in Berlin – until June 9th.

What should I know for tomorrow?

The dispute escalated in the federal government over allegedly less tested corona protective masks is a topic in the Bundestag on Wednesday. In a current hour at the request of the left parliamentary group, the MPs want to debate serious allegations against Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), which is raised by the coalition partner SPD in addition to the opposition.

Berlin’s schools are getting a lot more crowded again. For the last two weeks before the holidays, there are one more face-to-face classes with all students. The switch from teaching at school to digital learning at home, which Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) has relied on so far, will be over and with it the smaller learning groups. According to the education administration, however, attendance is not yet mandatory.

The summer edition of the International Film Festival begins in Berlin. The Berlinale will open on Museum Island with the judicial drama “The Mauritanian” – Jodie Foster plays a lawyer who helps a prisoner in Guantanamo after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Because of the pandemic, the Berlinale was divided this time. In March, experts were able to watch films online, and open-air screenings are now planned for the public.

Number of the day!

800 suspects in 16 countries were arrested Tuesday as part of a global raid on organized crime – 70 of them in Germany. It was one of the largest police operations to date, said Europol in The Hague. More than 700 homes have been searched, tons of drugs have been seized and large amounts of cash, jewels and weapons have been seized. The strike succeeded when undercover officers smuggled prepared telephones into more than 300 gangs.

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