Quentin Tarantino has retirement plans after next movie

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Mexico City / 28.06.2021 21:45:57

If you are a movie buff and fan of the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino And you were hoping that he would still put out a ton of movies, it’s a shame to say but don’t expect too much, the filmmaker has reported his intention to retire after releasing his next feature film.

This was confirmed recently in an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher to promote his new film companion novel Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

“You are too young to quit,” Maher told 58-year-old director Tarantino. “You are on top of your game“. The director-scriptwriter replied:”That’s why I want to quit! Because I know the history of cinema and, from now on, directors do not improve.

“Working for 30 years, making as many movies as I have done, which are not as many as other people, but that is a long career. It’s a very long career and I’ve given him everything I have. ”Tarantino added.

As for the plans for his final film, the mastermind behind Kill Bill has not shared any specific details. “I’ve actually considered remaking Reservoir Dogs as my last movie,” he said, referring to his 1992 debut. “I won’t, Internet, okay? But I did consider it.” Check out the full clip from the interview below.

Our 2019 Filmmaker of the Year has been scoffed at wanting to launch a few projects made over the past year and a half, from his 1930s gangster edition of Star Trek to a Bounty Law series. It’s really a mixed bag when it comes to the premises of Quentin’s filmography, although whatever the plot, you can bet there will be guns and exaggerated amounts of blood involved.

He has recently been in trend on the social network Tiktok because a fan met him on the street and knowing about his foot fetish (which we can see in his filmography) took the opportunity to ask him to autograph hers. The fan takes the moment to talk and ask him if he would give a rating to his foot, the filmmaker just laughs and says that he cannot do it but that it is within the highest standards; an emotional meeting that left her very happy.



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