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[EpochTimesJuly192021](Epoch Times reporter Wen Jing compiled and reported in Sydney, Australia) Queensland’s first ever electronic storage device detection dog will soon help the police track pedophiles and terrorists. Under investigation Locate hidden electronic storage devices.

The Queensland Police Canine Team has trained a new police dog to find U disks, SIM cards, hard drives and other devices that may store illegal data that have been deliberately hidden.

This is the first time in Queensland to train technology equipment detection dogs. The police dog is called Etta, and it will become a key player in combating the rising number of child abuse cases. In the past two years alone, Taskforce Argos officers have filed more than 1,000 charges against 152 criminals.

Police officer Jaye Lilley’s important duty is to train police dogs to sniff specific odors, including technological equipment. “This will be the future direction of development.”

Sean Baxendell, the senior police officer in charge of the Brisbane Dog Squad, is responsible for researching the best use of police dogs. After analyzing crime trends in 2016, the team found that the police station needed an electronic detection dog.

“We have reached the stage of (training) the police dog to look for the U disk and technological equipment behind the wall, so it is still (practicing), but we think it may start to participate in the search in September.” Baxendall said.

Last year alone, the Queensland police dog team-88 dog trainers and 103 super dogs-received more than 20,000 jobs.

In addition to catching criminals, the police dog team also plays a key role in saving lives.

Senior Police Officer Baxendall recalled a car accident in Toowoomba. A man was ejected from the car and fell into dense bushes on a steep slope 200 meters away. Search and rescue personnel and infrared cameras could not find the seriously injured man until the police dog Woof arrived at the scene.

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Baxend said: “Five minutes after the arrival of the police dog Woof, he found the man, (he is still) alive.” This is because the dog has an amazing sense of smell, which is unmatched by any state-of-the-art technology.

According to the police dog team, the sense of smell of dogs is 100,000 times that of humans.

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