PuppyZoo: the accessory for dogs that complies with the regulations and is all the rage

A leash that incorporates a water tank to clean the sidewalks of dog waste. It’s called PuppyZoo and has been created by the firm NewZoo.

They take them off the hands of their manufacturer: PuppyZoo It is the most comfortable and effective solution for walking the dog and leaving the sidewalks as we have found them.

Ergonomic. Without changing the position of the hands it is possible to activate the PuppyZoo dispensing pump.

In some municipalities it is already mandatory by law; and in those that don’t, it’s about to be. But beyond regulations and fines, the truth is that it is of common sense release the sidewalks of the remains of our dog, beyond collecting their poop in the bag. Nor is it a plan to carry a bottle of water every time we go out: PuppyZoo.

It’s about a 2 in 1 that includes next to the three meter belt a deposit of 30 cl provided with a dosing pump that allows us spirt of disinfectant on waste, solid and liquid, deposited by our dogs, diluting until they all disappear remains.

Turquoise.  PuppyZoo in turquoise blue.

Turquoise. PuppyZoo in turquoise blue.

Made with recycled plastic, the device is easily refillable, a very simple gesture that can save the pet owner up to 1,500 euros with which the infraction is punished. What is it filled with? With a solution of water with cleaning vinegar or soap. The tapn prevents unwanted spills.

Refillable  the dep

Refillable The tank has a 30 cl capacity and is easy to fill.

For the rest, the retractable leash with the water dispenser and cap also includes a lock safe and a hanger to transport what you want (such as the portable, light and compact Klek’sZoo poop collector from the same firm) in a comfortable way.

Effectiveness.  It is advisable to mix the water with soap

Effectiveness. It is advisable to mix the water with soap or cleaning vinegar.

PuppyZoo is available in four colors (blue, black, pink and turquoise) and costs 29,90 euros.


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