Published images show puncture on wrist of North Korean dictator


Images of Kim Jong-un’s first public appearance since the emergence of speculation about his poor health shows the North Korean dictator with a distinct puncture mark on his wrist.

State media yesterday broadcast the vision of Kim, 36, visiting a newly completed fertilizer factory about 20 days after his disappearance, sparking rumors that he was either dead or unfit.

Images of Kim’s visit to the Suncheon factory appear to show a small injury to her right wrist – a mark that was not present during her previous public appearance on April 11.

According to NK News, a US-funded outlet known for its reliable information on the rogue state, medical experts have evaluated the clip and believe the puncture wound is linked to a “cardiovascular procedure”.

“It looks like a puncture of the right radial artery … often used to access the coronary arteries for stenting,” said a trained medical professional in the United States. NK Newsadding that he appeared to be “about a week”.

“It’s hard to say from the photo shortcut, but it seems a little medial. It is not an IV (intravenous), which would not leave such a mark. “

A South Korean surgeon also said NK News that the mark on Kim’s arm “seems more plausible to be a procedure or check mark for a procedure on a heart problem.”

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Kim, who is known to fight weight, was also seen driving an electric cart around the factory – a vehicle he needed when he visited the site in January, it was reported.

In fact, the despot used a similar cart in 2014 when he came out with a walking stick after being passed out for 40 days after ankle or leg surgery.

Yesterday he appeared alongside his sister Kim Yo-jong, who had been tipped to succeed him at the fertilizer factory, show the photos.

Concern over his health began when he failed to appear at a major celebration on April 15 to mark the birthday of Kim Il-sung, his grandfather and founder of the country.

Continuing the rumors, a Chinese journalist Shijian Xingzou said that a “very solid source” had told him that the North Korean leader had died.

In addition, Japanese media claimed that Kim was in a “vegetative state” after undergoing cardiac surgery.

China reportedly sent medical experts to North Korea last week to check on the leader’s health.

This week, President Donald Trump hinted that he knew what had happened to Kim, hinting that he was bad when he hoped “everything will be fine”.

“Kim Jong Un? I can’t tell you exactly,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. “Yes, I have a great idea, but I can’t speak to it now. I just wish him luck. “

After the vision was released yesterday, the president went on Twitter to share his relief.

“For my part, I am happy to see that he is back, well!” Wrote Mr. Trump.

– with Peter Aitken of Fox News

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced here with permission


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