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Cycling is a very complete endurance sport which uses almost all the muscles, the cardiovascular system and the joints. The level of effort depends on the length and pace of the course, and your training. Repeated movements and supports, cellular oxygenation… are not without consequences for the organism.

Thus, nutritional preparation, in combination with physical preparation, will:
– Improve VO2max * and oxygenation;
– Optimize endurance and performance;
– Bring instant energy to replenish the body during long efforts;
– Bring long-lasting energy to go the distance without cravings;
– Strengthen muscles and joints;
– Facilitate recovery:
– By compensating for losses (especially in vitamins and minerals),
– By repairing damage (especially muscle damage),
– By cleaning the body (especially waste from metabolism).

* Maximum volume of oxygen absorbed by the lungs and used by the muscles: the higher it is, the more endurance increases.

STC Nutrition helps you optimize the 3 essential steps for good performance: the energy preparation before the effort, the support during, and the recovery just after; by offering you products tailored to your specific needs.

– Before the effort: energy drinks and cakes rich in complex sugars (Malto Power, Brownie Multisports) then energy products rich in simple carbohydrates (Breakfast Multisports, Mineral Drink, VO2 Max Bar, Over Blast gel), new No Cramp anti-cramp supplement.
– During the effort: energy drinks (Isotonic Power, VO2 Max), energy bars and gels (Over Blast No Cramp, Energy, BCAA).
– After the effort: recovery drink (Recup Max), protein (Premium Whey).
– As an endurance reinforcement cure: NO-S Max, Iron Complex, BCAA Synergy+, Ultra Omega 3/6/9+, Carnitine Complex, Artrosamine, 33 Vitamins & Antioxydants, Glutamine 1200, Peptides Aminosports, ZMA Complex, Natural Detox…

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