PTT-Bangchak raised prices of all types of diesel fuel by 30 satang / liter. Gasoline remained the same price.

by >> PTT – Bangchak Increasing the price of all types of diesel fuel at 30 satang / liter while the gasoline category remains the same, effective from 5:00 am on 20 Oct.

PTT (PTT) and Bangchak Corporation (BCP) announced an increase in the retail price of all types of diesel fuel by 0.30 baht per liter. Including all types of gasohol, the same price, effective from 5:00 am tomorrow (20 Oct 20)

For gas prices in Bangkok And the surrounding area tomorrow is as follows: Gasohol 95 liters per 28.96 baht, Gasohol 95 liters per liter 21.55 baht, Gasohol 91 liters per 21.28 baht, E20 liters per 20.04 baht, E85 per liter 17.84 baht and diesel at 18.89 baht per liter
(Excluding local tax)

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