PT TIMAH Tbk : Aid restore fishing boat moorings

PT Timah helps restore fishing boat moorings in Belo Laut village

Sibanga — PT Timah Tbk assisted restore fishing boat moorings in Belo Laut Village, Muntok District, Sibanga Regency.

The aid was handed about by the head of the Bangka Maritime Output Device (UPLB) Uku Dearytansah secretariat to the chairman of the fishing group Anugrah Suparman at the Anugrah group command post in Hamlet VI Pait Jaya, Belo Laut village, Muntok district, Sibanga, Thursday (2022). June 23).

Suparman, the head of the fishermen’s team, explained that the fishermen’s mooring services in his village had been ruined thanks to age and ought to be fixed straight away.

“Thanks to the extreme weather in the previous time period, the moorings of the fishing boats are now outdated, damaged and some have collapsed. This support is extremely helpful to the fishermen, furnishing convenience and basic safety for the fishermen when they dock at sea,” he stated.

In accordance to him, PT Timah responded quickly to the fishermen’s ask for for aid. In the future, he hopes that PT Timah can go on to develop synergies with the fishing neighborhood in their village.

“On behalf of the Anugrah fishermen’s team, we would like to thank PT Timah for its worry for PT Timah, which promptly responded to the needs of the fishermen. Hope that PT Timah will proceed to prosper and development as nicely as continue on to care for the fishermen,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, Abdullah, a community fisherman, hopes that with the aid of PT Timah Tbk, the mooring of the fishing boats can be fixed promptly.

“With this help, we hope that the moorings for boats will be fixed as before long as attainable and that fishermen will be safer and additional comfortable when docking at sea,” he stated.

In addition, Belo Laut Ibnu village head thanked PT Timah Tbk for getting treatment of the fishermen in the village.

“So considerably, PT Timah Tbk genuinely cares about the Belo Laut fishermen, as evidenced by the guidance in mooring of fishing boats. In addition, PT Timah also gives help in fishing gear, mangrove planting synergy, and many others.,” reported Belo Laut Village Head.

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