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Proteinmilch in porridge, with granola or as a base for chia pudding? No matter how you decide – with this one vegan protein milk you consciously start the day with a large portion of protein. Are you wondering how this is possible? The answer is written in the ingredients: Soy flakes and almonds. Both the popular breakfast cereal with a nutty aroma and the fiber-rich nuts naturally contain a lot of protein. And that’s exactly what yours is vegan milk alternative to good! With the two protein giants, a pinch of salt and filtered tap water, you can quickly conjure up a delicious protein drink in the plant-based milk maker. The nutritional values ​​speak for themselves! With 4.3 g protein per 100 ml this lactose-free drink is a real alternative to cow’s milk.

Extra Tipp

Don’t have a plant-based milk maker at home? Then grab a powerful one Mixer, 200g Sojaflocken, 20 g almonds and 1 liter of tap water. Puree all the ingredients with your kitchen helper and then pass the mixture through with a nut milk bag. Et voilá: Your homemade protein milk is ready.

Preparation steps

Pour all ingredients into the blending chamber of the almond milk maker, select the Dry soy Mode and 600 ml as the desired amount and press Start.

If necessary, pass protein milk through a sieve or strain it with a nut milk bag.

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What is the vegan protein milk made of?

Our vegan protein milk consists of Soy flakes and almonds. You are wondering why, of all things, breakfast cereals find their way into the plant-based drink? It’s no secret: soy flakes are naturally particularly rich in protein. They are made from steamed soybeans that are rolled into flakes after cooking. Just 1 handful provides the body with important nutrients that have a positive effect on the daily diet to have. The sweet almonds that come second natural source of fat and protein hide in the protein milk, refine the vegan plant drink.

Ingredients of vegan protein milk – 5 facts

“Rich in protein” is the encroachment under which the vegan milk alternative stands. You can buy plant-based protein milk in some supermarkets, but the list of ingredients for the packaged drinks is significantly longer than the homemade variant. Would you like to take on the mission “Make protein milk yourself”? These 6 facts you should know you should still save:

  • Low in carbohydrates & high in protein
  • Increased protein content: 4.3 g protein per 100 ml
  • Less fat and more protein than whole milk
  • Rich in fiber, Vitamins and Magnesium
  • Big share of unsaturated fatty acids thanks to almonds
  • Without added sugar or preservatives
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How sustainable is protein milk?

Soybeans are mostly grown in South America. However, there has also been for a few years ecological cultivation areas in the south of Germany. We therefore recommend that you attach great importance to sustainable production methods when buying soy flakes. Soy in Organic quality you can get it easily in many organic markets.

Excursus: Interesting facts about soy milk

How do I store the vegan milk alternative?

As soon as your vegetable milk maker has dispensed the drink, you only have to do one thing: let it cool down, fill it into glass or thermos bottles and seal it airtight keep in the refrigerator. Then your homemade protein milk will hold up without hesitation 3 to 4 days. For the summer we recommend the Soja-Mandel-Drink in ice cube molds to freeze. So you can give the classic cold brew coffee a special kind of makeover!

What does the plant drink taste best for?

The protein plant drink is particularly good in overnight oats, porridge recipes or pudding. The lactose-free milk is also ideal for preparing hearty dishes such as sweet potato soup or spaghetti al lime. Basically you can various dishes with the protein milk refine. The rule here is: trying is better than studying!

Now it’s getting high in protein!

Does vegan protein milk foam?

You wonder if the homemade protein drink foams at all? Thanks to the noteworthy proportion of protein, the enjoyment of fine-pored milk foam nothing in the way. It becomes firm and special stable on hot drinks. In coffee, however, the full-bodied taste of protein milk only comes out if you add a little sweetness. Which variant you choose is entirely up to you. Basic requirement for the taste test: You should be a fan of soy milk.

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