Prosecutor’s Office charged a man for shooting his dog in Rovira

On December 28, 2018, in the Serranías de Jardín village (Antioquia), Aníbal Alejandro Ospina Cardona would have thrown his pet from a bridge. The community tried to intercede to avoid the aggression; however, the man did not stop.

Units of the National Police found the dog next to a river and managed to transfer her to a veterinarian. There he died due to the severity of his injuries.

This person was charged with the crime of aggravated animal abuse. The charge was accepted by the man who was the subject of the accusation.

On January 26, in a house in the El Cedral village of the Rovira municipality, Miller Fernando López Bonilla allegedly shot the pet of one of his relatives. The man apparently reacted violently against the dog because he had fought in the street with another canine.

In that sense, the Prosecutor’s Office charged López Bonilla with the crimes of animal abuse, and the manufacture, trafficking or illegal possession of firearms. The charges were not accepted.

Therefore, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the public that if they know of any case of animal abuse, report it through the cell line 122, the free national line 018000 91 97 48 and in Bogotá to 5702000 (option 7).

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