Prosecutor DN asks Portorreal lawyer to surrender and answer for 283 complaints from Rosario family

The National District Prosecutor, Rosalba Ramos, urged lawyer Johnny Portorreal this Sunday to surrender to the authorities to answer for 283 complaints for fraud that have been filed by members of the Rosario family.

Ramos said that the Public Ministry guarantees both his physical integrity and due process in the Rosario case, who claim to have given him millions of pesos for the management of the alleged inheritance they are claiming.

In a message on her Twitter account, Judge Ramos pointed out that the lawyer and the other defendants in the case can seek the most appropriate way to bring themselves to justice.

Ramos indicated that the arrest warrant against Portorreal was issued due to the lawyer’s attitude of not complying with the summons issued to him and four other people also named by the Rosario family.

He also stressed that the Prosecutor’s Office has fulfilled its duty to investigate the cases that come to it and that it is proven that they have merits to be prosecuted.

The lawyer Portorreal, the main accused of allegedly defrauding the complainants, said through a representative that he has not turned himself in to the authorities because his rights have allegedly been violated.

In a document delivered to the Efe agency by Hilario de Aza, who said he represents the entity La Central del Derecho, he assures that the National District Prosecutor’s Office “has never notified him of the accusation against him.

The Public Ministry has filed an accusation against Portorreal, Hilario Amparo, Miguel de Oleo Montero and Miguelina Gómez Santana, who are accused of capturing clients and alleged heirs of the Rosario family, who they claimed to be the owners of a presumed inheritance estimated in billions of dollars. euros, which would have been deposited in Dominican banks.

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The National District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the group of fraud and money laundering.

Last Friday, the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention of the National District postponed to next Wednesday the hearing of pretrial detention that the Prosecutor’s Office presented against Gómez Santana, the only detainee of the four accused.

“We have conclusive evidence that links these people with the actions we are investigating and we understand that this case merits preventive detention,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.


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