Project “All Outside in the Val d’Adour”

An evening of presentation and launch of “Tous Dehors en val d’Adour” being specified “the outside as a space of education”. Meeting on the site of the old classroom which now houses “the open-air leisure center of Montaner.

The weather conditions on the said day did not make it possible to explore the “grove-hut” (postponed to a future meeting), however the presentation by site plan, photos, panels that children and animators had placed in the room of meeting made it possible to discover the main lines and dimensions.

About thirty participants, parents, children, organizers of the Montaner leisure reception, the mayor (farmer who made the land of the grove available to the leisure reception), the educational adviser from the Departmental Service in commitment, youth and sports, and for the “Tous Dehors” team: two teachers, the MJC team in Vic-en-Bigorre, the Maison de l’Eau, Pierre et Terre, the collective of associations “Rivages”

Highligths. Testimony of Céline, teacher, with the complicity of Nathalie, embarking the assembly “in the magic of a story and a journey where the practice of the school outside has given meaning to its professional practices, has changed the relationship of children to learning, relationships between them, their relationship to adults”.

In turn, the participants “took up Céline’s tale to exchange, share and offer her as a gift a little of what they received from her”.

At the end of the evening, convivial extension, expressions and comments from which emerged “the desire to support, to accompany all these beautiful projects of reception of open-air leisure activities and school outside”.

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