Progress Work Scholarships: what are the requirements and how to apply?

Thus, if at the end of the school year the corresponding academic requirements are met, the other 20% is delivered retroactively. This increase that its beneficiaries can already receive was made official at the end of August, through resolution 2323/2022, published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette.


The Progress Work Scholarships still keep their registration open and those who wish to register can complete the form until November 20.

Progress Work Scholarships: what are the requirements?

  • Be Argentine / or native / or; naturalized or foreign, with legal residence for two (2) years in the country and have a DNI.
  • Be between 18 and 24 years old.
  • It is extended up to 35 years of age for people with children under the age of 18 belonging to single-parent households and up to 40 years for people who do not have a formal registered job.
  • No age limit for trans people, indigenous people, people with disabilities or refugees.
  • The sum of the income of the young person must not exceed three (3) Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salaries (SMVM).

How to register for the Progresar Trabajo Scholarships?

People interested in accessing this ANSES benefit They will be able to register until November 20, 2022 virtually, from the program’s website or from the Progresar app. It is important to bear in mind that before applying it is essential to enroll in the course at the chosen institution.

Once the registration is complete, the application will be under evaluation and the applicant must wait for the corresponding administrative processes to be completed, which consist of two stages. To register for the Progresar Trabajo Scholarships you must follow the following Step by Step:

  • Enter the Progresar app with username and password. If it is the first time that the applicant enters Progresar, you must click on “new user”.
  • Select the “Personal Data” option and complete the information requested. Then click on “Update data”.
  • Click on the “Survey” option, fill in your information and select “Finish the survey”.
  • Go to the “Academic Data” option, complete the form of the course to which the applicant previously registered. Click on “Finish registration”.
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