Procedures for the Benito Juárez Scholarship at the high school level were suspended until further notice

The macrosede suspended the service of incorporation procedures at the high school level Photo: Twitter/@JovConFuturo

In response to a manifestation on the Chavito roadlocated in the mayor’s office Miguel HidalgoMexico City, the macrosede announced that it procedures related to the Benito Juárez Scholarship would be suspended until further notice in Preparatory level.

The protest stemmed from the disagreement of the applicants to him integration process to the social program, in addition to social networks there is information related to long waiting times for interested people.

It is worth mentioning that circulation was restored around 10:00 a.m., however the National Coordination of Scholarships for Well-being Benito Juárez announced the temporary suspension of service to scholarship holders in the capital.

“With the aim of attending in an orderly and safe manner to the interns of Higher Secondary Education of new entry and continuity in Mexico City, it is reported that the programming today at the headquarters located in Calz. Chavito 160, King’s Mill, Miguel Hidalgo. CP 11040, CDMX and the headquarters at Xochimilco S/N, Xochimilco, CP 16030, CDMX, se suspends momentarily”, could be read in the statement.

They stressed that all scholarship recipients would be cared for and that their scholarships would be secured and delivered as soon as possible: “TAll and all the scholarship holders will be taken care of, their scholarships are safe and they will be delivered soon Therefore, we kindly ask the population to keep abreast of the new programming issued by the Benito Juárez National Scholarship Coordination for Well-being,” said the agency.

They also recalled that all the procedures are completely free and that there are no intermediaries, in addition to the fact that they do not have groups on social networks or messaging chats such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

The new registration dates will be announced soon Photo: Twitter/@BecasBenito
The new registration dates will be announced soon Photo: Twitter/@BecasBenito

When the semester or school period begins, those interested should contact the school to confirm that they are enrolled. You will also have to fill out a Incorporation Application Certificate online and one Single ID to apply for the scholarship.

Said procedure will be available during the time granted by the National Coordination, it should be noted that carrying out this step does not ensure that the interested parties are selected to be beneficiaries.

The plants will be in charge of making the results known, however they can also be consulted through the Status Finder with the CURP:

The registration of incorporation can be done in several ways Video: Twitter/@TolucalaBellaCd
The registration of incorporation can be done in several ways Video: Twitter/@TolucalaBellaCd

If you have requested support through a Online Incorporation Application Certificate y Single IDyou can enter with the application page in it Folio search engineand at the same time know in which stage of the process the procedure is:

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The Benito Juárez Scholarship is compatible with other state, local or private scholarships that have different objectives, for example: dual training, excellence, sports or mobility scholarships.

Since this social support seeks to contribute so that young people who are studying high school, professional technical high school or its equivalent in one of the public schools, whether in the school or mixed modality, can complete their studies.

It is worth mentioning that the amount of the scholarship is deposited through a wire transferby means of a payment order (ODP) or through a deposit on the card of Wellness Bank.


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