“Proactive screening” yarn at Hat Yai found infected equivalent to the range. Bangkok has a serious epidemic

October 12, 2021 Facebook page “Yarn – Zendai” Post a message after wading “Proactive check” Hat Yai revealed that the infection was found. “Covid-19” Equivalent to the Bangkok epidemic

by page “yarn” Let’s read, this is the clearest example of why the “Proactive check” Therefore, it is important. Today, yarn proactive inspection in Hat Yai is the first day, with 2 types of examinations, which are the establishment of an ATK proactive checkpoint in front of K&K and a proactive search for yarn based on the concept of “Yarn-Lost Every Soi”.

At the “proactive check” point, we tested 423 people. We found infected. “Covid-19” 59 people (accounting for 13.95% of those who come to check) is equivalent to Bangkok when the epidemic is heavy.

while proactively inspecting “Yarn – lost in every alley”, we have a search form for 2 communities. “First community” randomly tested 69 people, 3 infected with covids, but the peak is “Community 2” Thien Jo Uthit Community Here the results are quite shocking.

We tested a total of 116 people, 31 of whom were infected with the coronavirus. The infection rate was 26.72%, leaving Bangkok’s worst epidemic point inconsistent (Din Daeng around 15-16%).

Looking deeper, he saw that There are approximately 30 households in this community, on average, with approximately 3-4 members per house.

Some young children are infected with COVID-19 while their mothers are not. Assessing the cause may be because the infection came from people in the community carried around.

Of course, when there are so many infections The villagers were naturally shocked and worried.

But if you look at the opposite angle It is a good thing that we can detect the infection early, isolate the infected people early, giving us a chance to control and manage the outbreak better. The vulnerable, at-risk groups and the elderly in the community also had a higher chance of survival.

This is the reason why the “Proactive check” Type #Yarn is lost in every alley. therefore very important We will definitely continue to inspect without discouragement. Or if anyone wants us to go to check any point or area, they can tell each other.

Source: Yarn – Zendai


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