Princess Diana († 36): Childhood crush: As a little girl, she had a crush on Charles

For Diana Spencer, who later became Princess Diana († 36), there was apparently already a big crush in her days at the West Heath Girls’ School: Prince Charles (72), her future husband. Her cousin Diana McFarlane reports that, according to “”, in a chat about the new ITV documentary “Diana”.

How Charles and Diana’s love ended is known. In the video above you can see the engagement interview between the two of them – and at the same time Charles gave Diana a cold flash.

McFarlane describes the situation at the time as follows: “Everyone loved having photos on the nightstand. We all had different pictures of pop stars that we liked – The Monkees, Rod Stewart and people like that.”

A close confidante confesses in the following video: “Charles just wanted to find a woman who would give him offspring.”

Princess Diana had a crush on Prince Charles from an early age

With Diana, who attended school from 1974 to 1977, there was only room for an idol, and that wasn’t a singer or actor: “I can tell you that she used to have photos of Prince Charles around her bed in West Heath had, as a kind of swarm of children … “Yes, she really had a” crush on him “back then.

Cousin describes Diana as bright and cheerful

Diana’s cousin, who explained herself for the first time at this time, also remembers how joyful Diana was back then: “She was full of life, had a lot of fun and a very special sense of black humor.” Back then they would all have thought that if they only looked angelic afterward, they would get away with their little rascals.

The marriage of Diana and Prince Charles was not a happy one

Diana and Prince Charles met for the first time in 1977. Charles was 29 at the time and Diana was just 16. Four years later the palace announced their engagement, the wedding followed that same year, on July 29, 1981. However, the marriage resulted in the sons Prince William (39) and Prince Harry (36) was not happy. They separated in 1992 and the divorce became final in 1996. The following year, on August 31, 1997, Princess Diana, the “Queen of Hearts”, had a fatal accident.

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