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On June 25, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China solemnly held the 2021 student graduation ceremony and degree award ceremony. 9,636 2021 graduates set sail from Chengdian and embarked on a new journey in life. The principal Zeng Yong sent a message to graduates with the title of “Standing up to the heavens, wisely, striving and innovating”.

What did President Zeng Yong tell you in the “last lesson” for the 2021 graduates? Come and have a look with Xiaodian.

Stand upright and build morality wisely, strive and innovate

——Speech at the graduation ceremony of students in 2021

Dear students and teachers:

good morning guys!

Today we are full of joy and solemnly celebrate the successful completion of the 2021 class of students. Here, please allow me to express warm congratulations and best wishes to the students on behalf of the school and the Asian and African secretary! I would like to extend my high respect and heartfelt thanks to the teachers, parents, relatives and friends who have worked hard for your growth and success!

Among the 9,636 students who graduated today, there are 4,774 undergraduates, 4,552 postgraduates, and 310 doctoral students. Among them, 172 are international students. The unique experience of each of your students in Chengdian constitutes Chengdian’s colorful graduation picture, just like the ginkgo, metasequoia, camphor, nannan and phoenix that accompany you year after year on the campus of Chengdian. , Eucalyptus, Banyan, Jacaranda, Du Ying, Magnolia, Cherry, Michelia, Begonia, Camellia, Peach, Pear, Pomegranate, Albizia, Gesang, Gardenia, Golden Osmanthus, Silver Osmanthus, Hibiscus, Winter Plum, Hongmei, and the tenacious “binary tree”… (If I didn’t say the whole thing, please add it in the graduation message) You stay on campus, and what you will remember for your whole life is the classroom scene and the hardship of the laboratory. , The atmosphere of the group team, the frustration of frustration, the joy of success, the night talks in the dormitory (no matter how many nights you have insomnia), the smell of the cafeteria (no matter whether you are satisfied or not), the sweat on the court (no matter how many physical Conflict), the running sound echoing in the night sky of the campus, the wisdom of life enlightened by Chengdian platform, the splendor of Chengdian debate, the magnificent enjoyment of Chengdian stage, and the New Year’s Eve dinner prepared by the cafeteria chef for you With the graduation meal, the love that the counselor teacher, the psychological teacher and the dormitory aunt give you, as well as the medical staff who take care of your health, the guards who protect your safety, and the eternal friendship of brothers and sisters… In a word, you stay here Chengdian campus is the most beautiful youth. Of course, there are also figures of former girlfriends or boyfriends.

Every one of you is a precious son and daughter of your alma mater. If the graduation ceremony is a gathering that never ends, I would like to tell or listen to each of you’s Cheng Dian stories. It is a pity that time is the scarcest resource. I can only share with you the stories of a few of you.

Among you, there is an undergraduate girl from the School of Physics, Pu Mianmian. She gave up the original idea of ​​going abroad for further study and chose to work in China Nuclear 404, carrying the burden of dedicating herself to national defense with a weak body. There is also a girl, Qi Xiaoting, an undergraduate student of the School of Information and Communication Technology. She chose to work at the grass-roots level in Karamay, Xinjiang, bringing the professional knowledge she learned back to her hometown, contributing to the development of her hometown, and realizing her life value. Zhou Qianchi, a graduate student of the School of Economics and Management, is a female student who has made connections with Tibet several times. She has been to Tibet twice due to travel and studies. During her postgraduate studies, she has always been determined to work in Tibet. After graduating this year, she will enter Tibet for the third time, hoping to use what she has learned to help the development of the motherland’s borders. Zhang Yitao, an undergraduate student of the School of Public Administration, gave up his admission to the School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego, and chose to return to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as a selected student to build his hometown. She said, “The purpose of my higher education is to get my hometown out of poverty, not to get rid of my poor hometown.”

General Secretary Xi Jinping once said: “There are no heroes who fall from the sky, there are only mortals who come forward.” The choices of these four girls have sublimated their lives. They are representatives of many Chengdian students dedicated to national defense, grassroots, frontiers and difficult areas. They are the heroines of Chengdian students and the pride of Chengdian. Let us pay tribute to them. !

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There is a couple of you. They are Yu Jinsong from Yingcai College and Yao Yingao from Information and Communication College. During his undergraduate period, Jinsong has won national scholarships, Tang Lixin scholarships, national first prize in the National University Students Mathematical Modeling Contest, outstanding graduates in Sichuan Province and other awards and honors. He has also served as a class secretary and peer tutor of the school and was invited. Participated in the large-scale youth interactive sharing program “Chengdian Youth Talk”, and directly blogged to Shanghai Jiaotong University (wireless communication direction) with excellent results. During the undergraduate period of the Olympics, students won the National Scholarship, the Thanksgiving Chinese Modern Scientist Scholarship, the 2020 American College Student Mathematical Contest in Modeling (O Prize), Sichuan Province Outstanding Graduates and other awards and honors. She was funded by the China Scholarship Council to participate in a research internship project in Canada, and finally chose to study for a master’s degree in cybersecurity at the University of British Columbia.

There is also a couple, Cai Jingwei and Ye Wenjing from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering (Exemplary School of Microelectronics). They are the monitor and deputy monitor of the fourth class of integrated circuits of the 2017 undergraduate course. During the school, Jingwei students won the National Scholarship and Tang Lixin Scholarship, served as the instructor of the new student backbone training camp, and won the title of “Outstanding Student of Chengdian”. Student Wenjing won a national scholarship to serve as a supervisor and assistant counselor in the sixth class of 2020. The two of them went to Tsinghua University for further studies with the first and second grades respectively.

These two couples are a model of academic diligence, all-round development, and love among Chengdian students. So students, you must leave enough “space” for yourself and your loved ones in the memory of your own life. Let us bless them!

I would also like to mention three PhD students. One is Yang Chao from the State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices. He has been deeply involved in basic materials research. His research papers on quantum metal states were published in the internationally renowned journal Science. This is the first time that our school has been the first author and the first unit. The original results completed in the laboratory of our school published in the Science Journal, and were selected as one of the “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Advances in Chinese Higher Education Institutions” in 2019. The second is Shu Yiyang from the School of Electronics. He is committed to research in the field of ultra-wideband RF/microwave/millimeter wave integrated circuits. As the first author, he published two ISSCC conference papers known as the “chip Olympics”. One is the only highlight paper in the field of radio frequency integrated circuits in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) that has been selected for ISSCC 2021. There is also Bamisile, a Nigerian student from the School of Mechatronics. During his PhD in Chengdian, he published a series of innovative papers as the first author in the field of new energy and smart grid, and was selected as the “Everest Talent Program” of Chengdu University of Technology. Hired as a senior researcher by Chengdu University of Technology. These three students are all winners of the title of “Outstanding Students of Chengdian,” and they are examples of tenacious hard work and bravely climbing the peak of science and technology among Chengdian students. Let us be proud of them!

Classmates, when you were studying in Chengdian, you walked with your motherland and made progress with the school. You witnessed the school’s entry into the ranks of the national construction “world-class university” category A colleges and universities, and witnessed the successful convening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the founding of New China. The 70th anniversary of the grand occasion witnessed the realization of the dream of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Especially in the unforgettable 2020, Chengdian teachers and students, together with the people of the whole country, worked together to overcome difficulties, and wrote the story of Chengdian’s “War Epidemic” with the spirit of taking the initiative and acting in a down-to-earth manner.

Classmates, you are about to set sail and embark on a new journey in life. What you are facing is “not only the best era for the development of the Chinese nation since modern times, but also the most critical era for achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” In what state of mind you embrace the future is worth pondering. On April 19, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent an earnest message to the young people during an inspection tour at Tsinghua University: We must shoulder the historical mission, strengthen the confidence to move forward, make great ambitions, make great virtues, become talents, and shoulder great responsibilities, and strive to become an era worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation. Newcomers, let youth bloom in the unremitting struggle for the motherland, the nation, the people, and the mankind. As your teachers, I hope you will integrate your personal growth and development into the great process of realizing the Chinese Dream, and contribute to the prosperity of the country, the revitalization of the nation, and the happiness of the people. Next, I will make three points as a parting message to you.

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  First, be a “top of the sky” and have a family and country in mind. Inheriting the red gene, but the motherland and faith cannot be negated.

It is a century-old magnificence to have great achievements in the future. Cheng Dian is a university with a red gene. In the last century of hard work and hard work, a large number of outstanding Communist Party members and intellectuals have made selfless dedication and painstaking efforts. Only then has Cheng Dian been born and developed. Our old principal, Mr. Gu Deren, gave up the opportunity to study for a doctoral degree in the United States without exams at the age of 26, breaking through numerous obstacles to return to the motherland. In 1954, he gloriously joined the Communist Party of China. In 1956, as an entrepreneur, Mr. Gu came to the newly established Chengdu Telecommunication Engineering College as the head of the Radio Department. In the following days, while serving as a teaching job, Mr. Gu is dedicated to the research of TV technology in my country. He is the founder of our school’s signal, circuit and system disciplines, and is also the first batch of experts and industry leaders engaged in TV technology research in my country. character. Classmates may not know that the color TV that you can watch every day and every household can be broadcast. It is precisely the technological difficulties that our old principal Gu led his team to overcome the technological difficulties. In the early 1970s, Mr. Gu was Appointed the chief technical officer of the key research team of the important national project “Fourteen Provinces “Color TV Contest”” project at that time. Self-designed, self-processed, self-installed, self-adjusted, hard-working, not afraid of interference, and adhered to the scientific technical route. After nearly three years, Mr. Gu led the TV team to successfully complete the tasks assigned by the party and the state. Working together across the country, the broad masses of people finally saw their own color television images of the Chinese! However, Mr. Gu has always maintained his diligent, frugal and simple qualities. During his tenure as the principal, he went to Beijing on business trips and insisted on taking the bus to work. In him, we can see the spirit and vigor of the older generation of Communist Party members and scientific and technological workers. They persisted in serving the country with science and technology, worked hard and dedicated themselves to the revitalization of China, and made outstanding contributions to the development of the national electronics industry and the construction of national defense. Today, you must continue to look up to the stars, be at the forefront of science, and solve cutting-edge scientific issues that affect the world and human development; more importantly, you must have firm beliefs, undertake missions, and produce first-class scientific research results that meet the major needs of the country. I look forward to your eagle attacking the sky, letting go and fighting freely against all kinds of frosty sky!

  Second, take root in the “site” and work hard and learn. The ego is integrated into the ego, but the original intention and mission must not be forgotten.

Classmates, an era has a theme of an era, and a generation has a mission of a generation. We are about to usher in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. At the same time, we will also focus on the centenary of the founding of New China and embark on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. As young people in the new era who have personally experienced the intersection of the “two centenary years”, you carry a special historical encounter and a glorious mission of the times. More and more students of Chengdian have lofty ambitions, consciously think about what the country wants, urgently what the country needs, and respond to the needs of the country, organically combine the realization of personal ideals with serving the country and the people, and write thesis and achievements in the motherland. On the earth, be an “extraordinary hero” in an “ordinary post.”

The 33-year-old Liu Shenting alumni, after graduating from a master’s degree in electronic science and technology, gave up the opportunity to study abroad and stay in school. At the end of 2016, he returned to his hometown of Pengshan District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province and started a professional farmer and started a family farm. . He introduced technology to citrus planting. After several years of hard work, in 2020, the farm will harvest 300,000 catties in the first year of fruiting, realizing an income of 1.35 million yuan. At present, Liu Shenting, who has just received the “Sichuan Youth May 4th Medal”, is busy preparing for his second farm. He is also preparing to unite the government, universities and farmers to jointly launch the “Double Hundred” plan-to cultivate industry leaders 100, affecting 100 college students to serve the “three rural” and to revitalize the countryside.

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Classmates, your life goals will be different, and your career choices will also be different, but only by integrating your ego into the motherland and the greater ego of the people, deeply rooted in the land of the motherland, keeping pace with the times, and sharing the destiny with the people, can you Better realize the value of life and sublimate the realm of life. I hope that you have the “big man of the country” in your heart, and are determined to pursue a more advanced, more state-of-the-art, and more tasteful life, and let your youth dream fly in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream.

  Third, Shude is wise, pioneering and innovating. To realize personal value, we must struggle and self-improvement.

In the third issue of the school’s “Chengdian Party History Story” program, Professor Yang Wanlin from the School of Information and Communication Engineering of our school was invited. In 1962, Yang Wanlin, who was only 17 years old, was admitted to the radio department of our school as a pilot flight. In 1984, he went to the University of Pennsylvania to study radar theory and technology, and since then embarked on the road of radar research. At that time, the United States was studying a new type of imaging radar, and Mr. Yang spent his nights and nights studying, mastering the core technology of this new type of radar in only 10 months, and carried out more in-depth research. In September 1985, after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he resolutely returned to his motherland. In the following years, Professor Yang Wanlin led the radar and positioning team of our school to continuously explore, pioneer and innovate in the field of national defense research, and achieved a series of important results. . Today, even though he is 76 years old, he still persists in scientific research and contributes wisdom to national defense science and technology. Students, in the future, you must redouble your efforts, be brave to innovate, practice the virtues of conscience in your life, realize your personal value, and improve your most unique life experience.

Classmates, the new era is the era of strugglers. Only those who struggle advance, only those who struggle are strong, and only those who struggle win. I hope you will stand up to the sky, dare to climb with the high; stand on the ground, dare to fight the strong; Shude, dare to compete with the fast! Tomorrow, you will pack your bags and go far away with the vision of life, the pursuit of ideals, and the school motto of “seeking truth and being magnificent” that has long been imprinted in your hearts. Whenever you want to “lie down”, the days and nights spent in Chengdian will become your motivation to stand up again! I hope that the students will take the pace of national rejuvenation as the beat and unremitting youth as the melody, compose a symphony of destiny in the new era, and contribute their youth to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Dear students, from tomorrow, you will be the alumni of your alma mater. Confirmed the look in your eyes, you are all Chengdian people. Some people say that the most worthwhile thing to take away from the university is not knowledge, but posture. Keeping the “pose” of Chengdian for 30 years, your future resume will always be marked “Made in UESTC”. In the vast crowd, no business cards are needed. You should all support each other so that your classmates can get the brightest bloom in every opportunity and the warmest comfort in every loss. When the smooth magnolia on the refreshing branches in spring, the fragrance of osmanthus and camphor in autumn, the golden ginkgo in late autumn, lingering in your dream of losing the time mark, it was the call of your alma mater. When you come back through the wind and rain, you will be full of the joys and sorrows and wisdom of life, and you who set off today, and the dreams and original intentions of each other, will meet in the beautiful Chengdian Garden, and say affectionately to your alma mater: I am back. !

thank you all!


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