Premiere of the opera “Elektra” at the Salzburg Festival 2020


WElk ghostly recklessness, what thick-skinned convenience egoism: in front of the large festival theater is crowding – while in the background the “indigenous population” (they really call it that) of the Salzburg region, i.e. the Alpine Indian culture of pension owners, tractor drivers and grilled sausage consumers, against the laying of another high-voltage line demonstrates – the audience close together in the premiere of “Elektra” in the Felsenreitschule.

If you keep a safe distance, you have to experience how others shoot into the gap. The more expensive the cloth around the waist, the less willingness to wear a mask (and if so, then one made of alabaster shimmering tie silk). A man in a blue Lacoste t-shirt hurries to sell last-minute tickets, thereby thwarting the security concept of personalized ticket sales. Infection chain tracking is already in place perdu Unmasked photographers and television cameramen push themselves between the masses, lusting for the next shot. The Salzburg Festival 2020 has begun, who knows how long it will last. The management has given great thought to a security concept in times of the pandemic. But she can’t choose her audience. As in Berlin, the corona protection measures in Salzburg seem to have many educated people among their despisers. Civilization on this early summer evening is more social status confirmation than consideration and self-taming.


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