Premiere for Salto of the Uruguayan film “The death of a dog”

The Uruguayan film “The death of a dog” will be screened at the premiere for Salto this Thursday, November 25, in the Aula Magna of Cenur Litoral Norte, Salto headquarters of the University of the Republic. The screening of the film that combines comedy, drama and thriller will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday 25 with free admission. After participating in various festivals in different parts of the world, Matías Ganz’s film is touring different parts of the interior.
Mario and his wife Silvia enjoy a comfortable life in Montevideo. However, two events will cloud your peace of mind. Due to Mario’s negligence during what would be one of his last operations before his retirement as a veterinarian, a dog dies. Shortly after, the marriage discovers that thieves have entered their house and, as a result of the damage they perpetrate, they have no choice but to temporarily move into their daughter’s house, where they will enter a spiral of paranoia that leads them to the most dangerous acts. extremes. Despite what its title may suggest, we are not facing a sad drama, but rather an acid analysis of the petty-bourgeois lifestyle told through the combination of genres such as suspense, the craziest comedy of misunderstandings and yes, also the drama.

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