Prelude – Baden: New listening places

Many announcements for cultural events currently begin with the word “should”. Consequently, should the corona pandemic allow it, the New Year’s trio will open the eighth season of Junge Musikfreunde Baden on January 19th in the Theater am Steg.

With Rachmaninoff’s “Trio élégiaque”, fiery piano music by Thierry Escaich and “Beethoven, which is so important for Baden, a mix of different musical styles will be presented”, JMB member Michael Capek Gusto is preparing for a feast for the ears in the new year. The trio consists of Katharina Dobrovich with her violin, Marilies Guschlbauer on the cello and Michael Capek as the third in the group on the piano.

“We have months of unpredictability behind us. There were no JMB concerts at all in 2021,” regrets Capek. Now “we dare to go into concert life again with the motto restart music.” Seven concerts are planned for 2022, in which more than 15 young musicians and the young choir “Voix & Boyz Célestes” will perform.

“Our motto restart music is considered a post-corona motto and generational change.”

While the piano trio was invited by the conductors Thomas Rösner and Norbert Pfafflmeyer to perform in the casino, the other concerts also open up exciting listening places, such as the Beethoven Temple and the Frauenkirche. The premiere of an orchestral work by the Baden composer Wolfgang Michael Bauer will also be exciting. The cross-generational family concert, which unites well-known Baden musician parents with their musician children on stage, should not be missing. “Our motto restart music is considered a post-corona motto and generational change.”

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