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On the first day of two that the Santander pre-sale will take place for Luis Miguel’s concerts in Mexico as part of his 2023 tour, which already has sold-out dates in countries like Argentina and Chile, reports are already virtual rows that exceed 180 thousand people for the Arena Ciudad de México and some sold out dates.

This Monday started the VIP presale that generated chaos and several complaints on social networks after the fall of the pages where the seats are purchased, which are Superboletos and Fun Ticket. In networks, there have already been those who report saturation, slow loading of their official website, which took them out of the session or simply does not open them.

Luis Miguel presale runs out after 1 hour

Before the high demand in several states, such as Mexico City, it was reported that pre-sale tickets were sold out. Expired pages or standing queues were some of the frustrations of those who hoped to buy their place for their return to the stage.

Comments and complaints about Luis Miguel’s pre-sale

In addition to the fact that there were those who lamented that only bank credit cards issued in Mexico are accepted, fans of ‘El Sol’ have expressed their discontent at the impossibility of making the purchase.

“Not even for tortillas had I been trained as much in life, as in the last 24 hours for concerts by Luis Miguel,” reads among the comments. Others even assured that they preferred the other famous company that issues the tickets. “Knowing that Luis Miguel’s pre-sale was going to be like this with Funticket, I would have preferred Ticketmaster, the net.”

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Add those who argued how difficult it is to carry out the transaction due to the number of people in front. Some of the most recurring themes of those who wanted to be able to listen to songs like ‘La incondicional’ or ‘Ahora te puedes marchar’ live are:

“Me in the virtual line behind 200,000 people trying to buy tickets”, “the line does not advance”, “it is only Luis Miguel and I against 207771 people in a virtual line”.

However, it will be until May 18 that the general public can try to get tickets for any of its 3 dates, if there are still any.

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