Practical education to make and sell sustainable products Human resources development that Esmode and Laforet Harajuku need for the next generation |

ESMOD Japon, a fashion vocational school, will open a pop-up store in the space “CONTAINER” on the 2nd floor from February 27th to March 2nd, in collaboration with Laforet Harajuku. did.

This project is part of sustainability education, and this is the fifth time. Students were divided into eight teams and sold sustainable clothes and accessories created under the theme of “ZERO WASTE” that does not generate waste such as remnants. The price is 3,000 to 15,000 yen for all products.

Roman Urnel, a stilism instructor who instructed the students, explained, “Although it is a remade and up-cycled product, we carefully created a novel design that is typical of Esmode students.” Yuki Hasegawa, a second-year student in the general course men’s course, said, “Until now, I wasn’t aware of the fabrics that I wanted to make and wasted, but this project is important for making eco-friendly clothes. Not only that, it was an opportunity to reconsider the way we live in our daily lives. In the future, it would be great if we could make sustainable clothes as a matter of course. ” Sales are undisclosed, but the school said it was well received throughout the period.

Sustainability has become a global standard in clothing making, and we are also focusing on fashion education as a necessary human resource development in the future. ESMOD International’s representative, Satoru Nino, who has 20 schools around the world, including the main school in Paris, said, “Schools alone are limited in their ability to contribute to the fashion world. Expanding partnerships with various organizations such as companies and research institutes. It is necessary for everyone to work together to create new values, but the awareness of the Japanese industry is still insufficient compared to France. Although our school has been actively working on sustainability education for some time, This will be an even more important theme in the human resource development required of schools in the new era. This year, we formulated the ESMOD Charter to commemorate the 180th anniversary of our founding, and we have been building it for more than a year, centered on our main school in Paris, with an eye on the next generation. We are planning to announce a new educational curriculum that we have come up with. “

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