Poster ideas: three design students honored

How can you motivate student teachers to go abroad? This was the question asked by 39 students from the Faculty of Communication Design at the Wrzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences. According to a press release from the university, the educational exchange service (PAD) of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) Bonn inquired about the poster competition. This awards scholarships in the form of a foreign language assistance program, which is aimed primarily at student teachers.

“Immerse yourself in the everyday life of another country for half a year, gain practical experience in school lessons, expand your own foreign language skills, gain intercultural skills and, on top of that, an affordable scholarship during your stay abroad”: These are the keywords with which the educational exchange service advertises. The design students translate these arguments into visually sophisticated posters to advertise the program with their exhibits.

Impressed by the results

As part of a technical internship under the direction of Professor Uli Braun, they were asked to develop ideas and showed a lot of imagination, according to the press release: The students submitted a total of 103 designs before Christmas. The conceptual considerations and the professional implementation of many designs is remarkable, said Professor UIi Braun about the work of the students. It was particularly interesting for the PAD to see how students would apply for a program for students, said Veit Husemann, Head of Unit at the PAD, who was impressed by the results.

A jury made up of employees from the department and the PAD as well as a former foreign language assistant made the selection and awarded the top three winners in an online event:

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From Germany to World: The first prize goes to Luca Bettinger (first semester Master), who can look forward to recognition of 500 euros for his design. Professor Uli Braun with the unanimous verdict of the jury: ‘From Germany to World’ the motto of Luca Bettinger’s design is served to us right away on a travel ticket: we’re ready to go! The poster takes us charmingly into the world, whether by train or plane, always ‘via educational exchange service’. The strong signal colors yellow and orange together with a bitmap type create a clear and eye-catching effect from a distance. But there is also a lot to discover in detail, at ‘close-up’: such as the small icons skilfully integrated into the design or the fine typographic background pattern. ‘From draft to realization!’

Travel a poster series: The second prize (300 euros) goes to Jakob Weber (seventh semester Bachelor). The jury explains their decision: Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, an APP what more do you need to discover the world? Even with Jakob Weber’s design, reality seems to provide the answer: unfortunately nothing! But the poster series advertises in a better and hopefully soon future. She provokes the viewer with simple, almost blunt answers, but then uses a funote sign to refer to the scholarship of the educational exchange service. The design and typography is fresh and contemporary, the series character is optimally designed thanks to the color change in the individual posters.

Wanderlust ?: The third prize (200 euros) goes to Magdalena Soetebeer (seventh semester Bachelor): Prof. Uli Braun: ‘Wanderlust’ calls out the small suitcase on the design by Magdalena Soetebeer. A question that we currently almost all with a longing ‘YES!’ would answer. The design captivates with its striking appearance and skilfully integrates further information about the ‘program for stays abroad’ as a suitcase sticker in the image.

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The prize money was made available to the PAD by the Federal Foreign Office, which supports the program for foreign language assistants within the framework of foreign cultural and educational policy. The posters are to be exhibited in the former car hall during the next KMK conference in Bonn, according to the press release. The FHWS will also present the exhibits on Sanderheinrichsleitenweg in Wrzburg this summer.

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