Post Malone Heckled Although Signing

As you can see, Write-up Malone just lately embarked on the 12 Carat Tour.

There have been a couple accidents before – like when I fell as a result of a literal trapdoor in St. Louis and had to be guided:

through @kevincjohnson/ Twitter: @kevincjohnson

Then, when he appeared to meet fans outdoors the location, negative matters happened once more.

Someone bullied him. Here is what occurred.

Although signing autographs and hanging out with supporters, one particular young man yelled, “Article Malone! Fuck you!”

Post calmly replied, “Which is rude.” I really feel so bad for him??????

Like, he didn’t should have it.

Then…the individual just saved yelling and repeating, “You bitch! You bitch!” laughing.

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