Pompili signs “the call of the poppies” against synthetic pesticides


The Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, signed on Tuesday “the call of the poppiesFor the ban on synthetic pesticides, by receiving the promoters of this petition, which has collected more than a million signatures.

«I share the call of the poppy movement“, Wrote the Minister on Twitter. “For this, we must above all concentrate our efforts on research and the rapid deployment of alternatives, in order to be able to do without synthetic pesticides.“. The call launched in September 2018 in Charlie Hebdo collected more than 1.1 million signatures deposited Tuesday at the ministry by the association “We want poppies».

«It’s an important moment, we come out of this appalling contempt that has obsessed us during these two years. The fact that the number three of the government agrees to countersign our appeal, it is still very good news and it ends these two years of collective efforts in a rather happy way.», Commented the president of the association Fabrice Nicolino.

Exit industrial agriculture

The minister was criticized after the government’s announcement this summer of the temporary return to beet fields of the use of neonicotinoids that are harmful to bees. Barbara Pompili who, as Secretary of State for Biodiversity in 2016 had brought in the law banning these insecticides, estimated at the beginning of September that this exemption constituted “a typical example of the problems we encounter when we are not sufficiently vigilant about the application of the laws we pass».

«In four years, we had time to find alternatives, including beets, the problem is that behind it did not follow.“, She had indicated on France Inter, repeating her desire that these insecticides be banned”totally».

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The poppy movement has launched a new appeal called “we want peasants“, Calling for a plan to exit industrial agriculture in ten years, for”allow the production of quality food for all, without pesticides, and to sell it in remunerative and stable circuits“, Allowing to find peasants”happy, proud to feed society».

«We have long been divided between those who want a world without pesticides and farmers who are faced with a reality of survival and it is now time that our leaders face the major decisions they must make.», Commented the singer Emily Loizeau, signatory of the first hour of the call of the poppies.

Wave of criticism

The involvement of the Minister of Ecology is already generating criticism, from farmers in particular, who have made it known on social networks. “Mrs Pompili, you are a minister not a lobby representative», Hammered a professional on Twitter. “A minister who defends the positions of the obscurantists, Jean Castex, what do you think?», Calls another on the social network.

On the merits of the subject, another farmer recalls that the fact that a pesticide “is synthetic is not a criterion of dangerousness”, citing in support a natural pesticide harmful to bees. “Is it the environment you want to protect or the ‘natural’ pesticide industry?” he asks the minister.

As we can see, the issue of pesticides is still a long way from achieving consensus among the various professionals, associations, influence groups and scientists.


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