police officers steal road signs and end up at the gendarmes

What is certain is that these police officers from Val-de-Marne will leave lasting memories for the inhabitants of the small town of Villedieu-le-Château, near Blois, in Loir-et-Cher. According to the newspaper The Parisian, 8 police officers were heard this Saturday morning by gendarmes from the department.

These men, aged 30 to 35, decide, Friday March 26, to rent a cottage in this town of 400 inhabitants.. Before nightfall, they walk the streets and unhook two signs, before bringing them back to their accommodation. Except that witnesses saw them and even took photos, says the mayor of the town on a daily basis.

No complaints

This Saturday morning, the elected representative presented himself to the home of the police, accompanied by the gendarmes, to demand accounts. The eight individuals were taken to several gendarmerie barracks to be interviewed. The councilor assures us that he will not lodge a complaint, but asks for reimbursement of the damage.

Not sure their hierarchy has the same indulgence. She would also have promised sanctions.

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