Police in Prague detained tunnelers from the 1990s, and escaped justice for 18 years


The Slovak police stated on their Facebook that Majský was detained by the Czech police in a Prague hospital shortly after noon on Tuesday. “What will follow is now fully within the competence of the Czech authorities,” the statement said. At the same time, the police originally stated that Majský’s state of health “does not allow law enforcement authorities to proceed further.”

Tunneler from the 90s

Jozef Majský, originally Jozef Marhuľa, is a well-known figure of the Slovak wild 1990s. Originally he was a teacher, but even before the revolution, as a functionary in socialist state enterprises, he found business opportunities and contacts, thanks to which he became one of the first Slovak businessmen a few years later.

In the 1990s, he traded in oil, supported Mečiar’s HZDS and largely focused on the privatization of state-owned enterprises. He later unraveled with Mečiar and gave the opposition space in the media, which he bought. According to the media, he was one of the richest Slovaks with contacts in influential politicians and owned dozens of companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, Liaz crashed into a car dealership.

Last Wednesday, the Slovak Supreme Court upheld a nine-year sentence for fraud in the bankrupt non-banking entities Horizont Slovakia and BMG Invest. Pyramid companies received billions of crowns from Slovak pockets. Majský tunneled the company when, together with two people, it caused 400 million Slovak crowns damage to the company by selling false receivables.

He avoided trial thirty times

The verdict was upheld by the court after a trial that lasted almost 18 years due to various health problems of the defendant, his lawyers or witnesses. Majský avoided the trial about thirty times, before trying to arrest he even tried to flee in the trunk of a car to Austria.

A European arrest warrant has now been issued for an already convicted fraudster. And Majský left Slovakia for the Czech Republic exactly on the day the warrant was issued. He was first hospitalized in the Šumperk Hospital, where, according to ČTK, he was to undergo acute surgery in connection with a serious illness. Until Tuesday’s arrest, he stayed in an unnamed psychiatric hospital in Prague, where he was tracked down by the Czech police.

According to his son Jozef, who is quoted by the Slovak daily SME, Majský went to the Šumperk hospital in mid-June, because he had been treated there as a cancer patient before. Majský was proposed to be taken into custody by the Ostrava Public Prosecutor’s Office, but the regional court rejected it on 20 June.

Last Wednesday, in Slovakia, the court definitively confirmed Majský for 9 years in prison, the defendant did not appear and did not apologize, but he accepted the summons in Šumperk. According to his son, he was under the influence of strong drugs at the time and is now “on his deathbed” in a Prague hospital. The Slovak police stated on Monday that Majský’s state of health “does not allow the authorities involved in criminal proceedings to proceed further”.

However, journalists from the SME daily called Majský in Prague. The man reportedly communicated clearly. “After the editor introduced himself and asked for an interview, he hung up. He did not answer the next call, “the newspaper writes.

The Czech police arrested Majský on Tuesday afternoon, but the convicted fraudster does not have to travel to the Slovak prison. Thanks to dual citizenship, he can serve his sentence in the Czech Republic.

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