Police dog Red helps capture murder suspect Nassan Bacon, hiding in the yard of a New Smyrna Beach home | Univision Orlando WVEN

A murder suspect with outstanding warrants was caught thanks to the help of a police dog who was new to duty in Volusia County.

Nassan Bacon, 22, was under multiple law enforcement surveillance for a May 22 homicide in Deland and aggravated assault with a firearm in New Smyrna Beach. In the latter city was recently seen buying a 60-round AK-47 magazine at a gun store.

On Thursday, police spotted Bacon in a vehicle with 2 other people on Dimmick Street in New Smyrna Beach and, after forming a perimeter, moved in to take him into custody. Bacon ran away and hid behind a house on Palm Street.

Agent Whitson and his Canine agent “Red” tracked down Bacon until they found him hiding behind a washer, dryer and other junk in the backyard of the house..

“Red” bit one of the suspect’s legs as he screamed and officers handcuffed and arrested him.

Bacon received treatment at the scene and was sent to a hospital to treat the injury from the police dog bite.

This was the first capture for K-9 agent “Red” since he replaced the retired police dog “Endo”.

Charges and other suspects

Bacon beside John Torres22 years old and Isaiah Thomas21 years old They were charged with first degree murder. for a May 22 carjacking outside Florida Technical College, 1199 South Woodland Boulevard, in Deland where a man was shot and died of his injuries.

A woman identified as Estella Luna24, was arrested in West Palm Beach also for that attempted carjacking outside the Walmart.

Those involved have further criminal charges pending and the investigation is still active.

The Deland Police Department requests ac Anyone with information about these two incidents, please call 386-626-7400.

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