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“Pokémon GO”, the 100th revival of the painter’s illustration quiz!

Finally 100 times !!

This illustration project was launched as a special project at the beginning of 2020.It’s finally been this time since it was revived at the request of readers.Chapter 100!!!

In this project, the author, phi, sees an illustration of a Pokemon drawn by AppBank.net writer edamame painter and guesses the Pokemon.

Recently, I changed my mind and changed to a silhouette quiz instead of an illustration quiz.

By the way, the previous content is here.

Last week’s silhouette quiz was like a dog, did you guys understand?

Now, what’s the problem this week …?


No matter how you look at it, it’s not one !?

On the illustration, it says “100 Kaiki Nen”.

This is a comment from the painter.

I drew it as a special time.
This is Tamashii Mashimashi.

It’s certainly quite gorgeous. moreover”If it’s a manga with a short story, you can go from the opening to the epilogue!Also remarks.


10 volumes for weekly serialized manga. It’s a level that can be finished enough.

But this … how many?

Maybe three of them are drawn, and I can understand what the left and right Pokemon are, but … I don’t know the center of the story at all …!

law. Did you read 3
The painter’s power has been considerably improved in these 100 times. .. It has a good point.

No way, there aren’t even three …!?

Further pursuit from the painter.

Maybe one !!!!
By the way, I was aiming for this illustration and poster, or not.
Pokemon Co., Ltd.!
We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!

The painter’s ambitions never stop …

By the way, when I’m saying something like “not three”, maybe the one in the middle is actually two …?

By the way, there was a Pokemon with many limbs among the painter’s favorite Pokemon …?

By the way, what is the answer I derived from this consideration …? (Please think together with the readers)

Two in the middle! One on each side!

The answer derived from this is …

This is … 4 Pokemon!
First on the rightSteelix!
And on the leftMuk!
Because the top has a spoon in the middleAlakazam!
There are many arms in the middle + there are scissors + because it is a painter’s companionKingler!

By the way, the correct answer is …?

This is not a spoon!

It’s a sleeper, not a hoodin !!!
75 points! (Smile

Gut … sorry!

By the way, he also told me the reason why I chose these 4 animals.

The reason for this choice is the painter’s four most recommended Pokemon.
Kingler is famous in some areas, but I haven’t mentioned the other three so much, so it’s a mysterious choice on the sidelines.
Since it’s the 100th anniversary, I decided to make an illustration that was completely out of my hobby!

Certainly I haven’t heard of anything other than Kingler. However, he said, “I think I’ve mentioned only Sleeper somewhere.” Wasn’t the painter’s power enough yet?

Looking at it again, the painter’s sleeper is cute.

By the way, unlike usual, I wrote it with a lot of energy this time.I used an eraser toolis what they said.

So this week’s quiz, the correct answer is “Sleeper」「Kingler」「Steelix」「Muk“was.

The story changes, but in fact, we are still recruiting illustration material. If you have a Pokemon that you would like to see as an illustration, please do not hesitate to apply for the theme within the bounds of common sense!

This time, the painter quiz has reached 100 times, but the series will continue in the future!

By the way, it seems that the painter has been under pressure since last week when he said, “It’s the next 100 times.” He said, “The load on my shoulders has dropped.”

So that’s it for this week’s silhouette quiz! Look forward to the next time!

The latest article of the painter illustration quiz

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