Pokémon Fan Art imagine what the dragon-type eeveelutions would look like

Of all the almost 900 officials Pokémon Drawn by various artists in franchise history, Eevee is arguably the most eclectic. A popular fan favorite of Gen 1 Pokémon, Eevee is not only adorable, but also one of the first Pokémon to have several different stages of development that rely on magic stones. Eevee’s many “Eeveelutions” are themselves very popular, and fans of fans Pokémon The franchises have long attracted new iterations of the fluffy dog-like creature.

Currently, Eevee has eight different Pokémon that it can evolve into. These are Espeon, Flareon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Umbreon, and Vaporeon. Each evolution is of a single type, with no double types. Many of these evolutions are achieved when Eevee evolves while holding a particular stone, but some of them also require an increase in friendship levels in a particular area. Pokémon Play. There are still nine types that are not represented by Eeveelutions, one of which is Dragon. However, a Pokémon fan decided to draw a dragon-type evolution and various other dragon-type combinations.

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Reddit user JhayAlejo is clearly artistically talented and has drawn some impressive versions of Dragon-type Eeveelutions. Its basic dragon-type evolution is called Drakeon, with tail spines and fangs. However, JhayAlejo decided to take a few more steps and draw almost all possible Eeveelution kite hybrids. There are a total of 17 creations and it is difficult to identify many of them as legitimate developments in. introduce Pokémon Games.

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Some of JhayAlejos’ Eeveelutions look completely original, while others appear to be inspired by existing Eeveelutions. Dragon / Ice-Hybrid Auroreon and Psychic / Dragon-Hybrid Energeon are certainly reminiscent of Glaceon and Espeon, but others like Bug / Dragon-Hybrid Royaleon and Dragon / Poison-Hybrid Blighteon are hard to compare to other Pokémon. There is even an evolution that seems inspired by another game. The dragon / ghost hybrid Leviatheon is incredibly cool and bears an uncanny resemblance to images of the gigantic Leviathan. Subnautica.

Overall, there are some pretty imaginative eeveelutions that benefit from a mix of good art and inspiration. While it is unlikely that the Pokémon The franchise will always receive official eeveelutions for each Dragon Hybrid, it will not prevent artists from creating new variants. Pokémon has done an incredible job of inspiring its fanbase to get involved in the creative process, and there are likely to be thousands of interesting fan interpretations of new and existing Pokémon. Another popular form of Pokémon fan art is Pokémon Mergers, which is where two existing official Pokémon are taken and merged into a new and often crazy creation.

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