Poke Cake: Recipe for the trend cake

Poke cakes are particularly moist cakes with a holey structure and sweet fruit filling. They can be prepared in many different ways. We show you
a recipe for a poke cake with raspberries and a vegan variant.

Poke cakes have been widespread in the English and American countries for a long time, but are also becoming increasingly popular in this country. The name says it all: “to poke” means something like “poke” or “poke”. What is special about the poke cake is a pattern of closely spaced holes that can be drilled into, for example, with the handle of a wooden spoon. Then a sweet filling comes into the holes, which releases moisture into the dough and gives it a special consistency.

Poke cakes usually contain fruit fillings. Here is a recipe for poke cake with a raspberry and nectarine filling.

It is best to use organic quality ingredients for the poke cake. The organic seal of Demeter, Naturland or Bioland stand for ecological agriculture with high standards. In this way, animal products in particular are kept more species-appropriate than in conventional agriculture.

Organically grown fruit and vegetables are free from synthetic chemicals Pesticides in cultivation and thus healthier and more environmentally friendly. In order to avoid unnecessarily long transport routes, it is best to buy it from regional offers and during the season. Our website will show you which types of fruit and vegetables you are currently getting on the market Seasonalender.

Recipe: poke cake with raspberry and nectarine filling

You can decorate the cream layer of the poke cake with raspberries. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / StockSnap)

Poke cake with a raspberry and nectarine filling

  • Preparation: that. 30 minutes
  • Rest time: that. 300 Minutes
  • Cooking / baking time: that. 45 Minutes
  • Lot: 12 Serving