Pohlheimer is now on trial


A 40-year-old from Pohlheim is charged, among other things, with violating the War Weapons Control Act. There had been a tragic death in the aftermath of his arrest.

As in the photo above, an Uzi was seized from the Pole, who now has to answer before the regional court. A long patron died after acquiring weapons. Symbol photo: Heller, VRM Wetzlar

Pohlheim (ee). A 40-year-old Pole from Watzenborn-Steinberg is currently being tried at the regional court in Giessen. He is accused of violating the War Weapons Control Act and the Narcotics Act. The presiding judge of the criminal chamber, Jost Holtzmann, set five days of negotiations to clarify.

The investigators had tracked down the defendant, who had been in custody since April, by means of “car interior surveillance”. A Gießen suspect with a German and Italian passport was bugged. This was followed by telecommunications surveillance on the defendant, which was also extended to a telephone connection at the workplace of his 39-year-old wife. She had been working as a cleaner in the Giessen police headquarters through a company since December last year and had signed a confidentiality agreement there. Proceedings have already been initiated against them for breach of official secrecy. She has not yet been heard.

When the defendant was arrested, an A-Class Mercedes, a dual-SIM cell phone and a pistol were also found in the apartment in Watzenborn-Steinberg. A sum of 9,569 euros was still collected. Prosecutor Rouven Spieler read out the indictment, with the alleged offenses occurring in Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, Münchholzhausen and Londorf as well as in Watzenborn-Steinberg.


The Uzi is a compact submachine gun manufactured by the Israeli arms company Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). It is one of the most famous submachine guns in the world, says Wikipedia. It was named after the first name of its designer, the late German-speaking Israeli Uzi Gal.

Dealing with drugs

In addition to the trade in machine guns and pistols including ammunition, the acts also included the trade in cannabis and marijuana as well as anabolic steroids. The Poles are charged with illicit drug trafficking in not inconsiderable quantities. While the defendant obtained his weapons from a dealer in Krefeld, he obtained the drugs from Holland. Both the wife from Pohlheim and the 21-year-old son from Fernwald made use of their right to testify and refuse to provide information.

As the interrogation of a detective at the Giessen police headquarters revealed, the investigations into violations of the Narcotics Act only emerged during the course of the investigation. Above all, sales of marijuana can be clearly documented via chat history.

The criminal investigator not only dealt with recorded conversations between the defendant and the Giessener in a car in Giessen on February 25, but also the subsequent GPS vehicle and telecommunications monitoring of the defendant.

The conversation was about meeting an unknown person in Londorf who was interested in buying a Czech scorpion submachine gun. The Giessener, already monitored by the investigators, acted as an intermediary, while the defendant made contact with an arms dealer in Krefeld. The weapon was called the “bottle of plum brandy” or “plum”. The “slivovitz” sale including ammunition came about at a second meeting in March in the Londorfer Feldmarkung. The defendant and the Giessener met in Weststadt to go to Londorf together to handle the transaction. The weapon had been bought by the defendant two days earlier in Krefeld. The dealer is also being investigated. “His weapons sales license does not extend to the trade in these weapons,” said the policeman.

On April 4, the defendant went to Holland and Mönchengladbach to meet the said arms dealer there to buy six pistols and a Uzi submachine gun. A pistol was probably complained about by his customers, so that it was deposited in the apartment in Watzenborn-Steinberg and then later secured. On April 7, the defendant met his cousin in his apartment in Münchholzhausen. Here an Uzi with ammunition was sold to a 27 year old.

Death after escape

The investigators then arrested the defendant in Kleinlinden, while the 27-year-old Langgöner fled with his car, collided with a civilian police vehicle at the Autobahn entrance in Munzenberg and was later found lifeless in a barn in Gambach. A third party fault was excluded on the basis of the investigation.

There were indications of the consumption of narcotics or drugs and a pre-existing cardiological illness. The submachine gun, ammunition and drugs were seized near the escape route in Gambach. Four more days of negotiations are scheduled for October.

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