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Researchers at the Centre of Excellence at the College of Plymouth have investigated the use of miRNAs as part of a liquid biopsy for the prognosis and classification of meningioma. They not too long ago published a paper in the Journal of Neuro-oncology. miR-497 and 219 are involved in the classification of blood-assisted meningioma. Their review confirmed that serum miR-497 is an powerful and very easily measurable biomarker for the analysis and classification of meningioma. What’s more, the combined use of miR-497 and miR-219 enhanced the accuracy of meningioma classification. In addition, this is the first review to assess the correlation among serum circulating miRNAs and methylation status in meningiomas.

Astrocyte immunometabolic regulation of the tumor microenvironment promotes glioblastoma pathogenesis. The authors of this paper determined a system by which astrocytes are associated in regulating TAM immunity and retaining the metabolic context essential for tumor survival. Their conclusions emphasize the pivotal position played by astrocytes in promoting glioblastoma virulence and the opportunity vulnerability brought about by tumors’ reliance on TME for astrocyte immunometabolic support. get rid of new light-weight on sexuality and thus discover prospect targets for therapeutic intervention. Click right here to read through the whole paper.

TAM: tumor-related macrophages TME: tumor microenvironment


Retifanlimab, HFRT, and bevacizumab have ‘encouraging’ benefits in recurrent glioblastoma. In accordance to a presentation at ESMO Congress 2022, the blend of retifanlimab, hypofractionated radiation remedy (HFRT), and bevacizumab developed ‘promoting’ survival outcomes in sufferers with recurrent glioblastoma.

Our research showed promising over-all response premiums, with sustained responsesmentioned Jian Campian, MD, PhD, study presenter at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. “Interim analyzes propose that it encourages progression-cost-free survival and in general survival at the time of knowledge cutoff.”

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Click on listed here to read through the original paper.

A new radiation therapy slows brain tumor regrowth and safeguards healthful tissue. A new Fda-accredited method called GammaTile utilizes very small radioactive seeds or brachytherapy that are implanted into the tumor website during surgery and absorbed in a natural way by the system to address gliomas, glioblastomas and marrow. It treats malignant and recurrent mind tumors these types of as membranous tumors.

Every single therapeutic seed, roughly the size of a postage stamp, incorporates a radiation supply embedded in a collagen tile that delivers a exact, targeted dose of radiation. Radiation commences to focus on tumor cells in parts where by the tumor is most most likely to recur.

In one scientific demo, sufferers experienced pretty much twice as quite a few tumor-free months as opposed to prior treatment method for clients with recurring mind tumors in the very same area.

Bevacizumab-induced hypertension as a opportunity physiological scientific biomarker for increasing consequence in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme: a systematic review. This overview aimed to examine six printed scientific tests to examine the marriage amongst hypertension and results in rGBM patients dealt with with bevacizumab. Of the bundled publications, 4 out of 6 were being retrospective and showcased good outcomes with regards to hypertension remaining applied as an independent predictor of survival final result in rGBM. Nonetheless, two scientific studies confirmed unfavorable outcomes. This may perhaps be due to the limited patient subset and examine duration. In summary, bevacizumab-induced hypertension might be a prognostic variable for patients with rGBM.


Incisionless Mind Operation – CPD accredited occasion by the Royal Society of Medicine. Lectures on ground breaking non-incision mind surgical methods that are opening up new treatment avenues for clients suffering from frequent and exceptional neurological circumstances.

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Technologies covered contain:

stereotactic radiosurgery… such as gamma knife operation that can be used to handle a assortment of ailments these types of as tumors, lesions, epilepsy, and trigeminal neuralgia

MR guided concentrated ultrasound… It is presently remaining analyzed in the treatment method of tumors, tremors, stroke, neuropathic agony, and additional.

See occasion particulars here: date: 11th (Tue)th October 2022 time: 5:00pm to 8:15pm BST place: On the internet or in human being at the Royal Modern society of Drugs, 1 Wimpole Road, WIG 0AE. Discover additional and e-book an occasion listed here:

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