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A 40-year-old man living in Pohlheim has to answer to court for arms and drug trafficking.

Violations of the War Weapons Control Act and the trade in narcotics – these acts are accused of a man living in Pohlheim. Yesterday, Monday, the trial against the 40-year-old began in front of the 2nd criminal chamber at the Giessen regional court, chaired by Judge Jost Holtzmann.

In his indictment, prosecutor Rouven Spieler accused the defendant of acquiring, transporting and selling weapons, including ammunition, under the War Weapons Control Act, commercially and, in some cases jointly, in a total of twelve cases, and of having traded cannabis or marijuana in significant quantities.

In the period from February 25 to April 7, 2020, the defendant bought submachine guns of the “Skorpion” and “Uzi” types, including ammunition, as well as pistols in Mönchengladbach and Krefeld and sold them in Londorf and Münchholzhausen, among others. The Polish citizen living in Pohlheim was aware that he did not have a permit. Seized pistols, around 9,600 euros in cash and a Mercedes are to be confiscated, said Spieler.

The accused did not want to provide any information on the allegations, but he let his defense lawyers say that they might do so at a later date.

As the first witness, a detective from the Central Hesse police headquarters answered Judge Holtzmann’s questions about individual allegations and how the investigation against the accused actually came about. The initial step was the surveillance of another suspect from Gießen in the interior of a car on the 25th February on which the trip to Londorf was going. When the now defendant was identified, the family telephone connections were monitored and his car was finally located.

The narcotics trade was not the focus at first, said the official. That would have resulted from the evaluation of chat logs, some of which were in German and some in Polish. The sale to one’s own son can be proven, for example.

The presiding judge wanted detailed information about the alleged handover of a submachine gun in Londorf at the end of March. As the criminal investigation officer stated, the Pohlheimer first drove to Gießen in the Weststadt. The suspect from Gießen got on in the parking lot of a beverage market and they drove to Rabenau. There the “Scorpion” and ammunition – acquired two days earlier in Krefeld – were handed over to an unknown person.

The further evaluations of the surveillance had shown that the weapon had been sold for 2500 euros, a market price, as the official said. Three days later, 1000 euros were then transferred to Poland in cash.

Investigations against wife and son

“Clear text was not always spoken in the chat history,” said the official when asked. The submachine guns were described as “plum”, “slivovitz” or “noodle”.

The defendant was arrested during the last arms sale on April 6th and 7th. The investigators suspect that he drove to Krefeld with another suspect from Münchholzhausen and handed over an “Uzi” acquired there to a third party in Münchholzhausen that same night – at cost, as it were, because he still owed him .

The end is dramatic. After the Pohlheimer was arrested ten minutes later in Kleinlinden, the third person was chasing the police, which went from Langgöns overland to Gambach. There he finally fled to a barn on foot. The police found him there lifeless. The autopsy showed that he had suffered from a pre-existing heart disease and was under the influence of drugs, the witness said.

The defendant has been in custody ever since. Investigations are ongoing against his son and his wife, after all, weapons and ammunition were found in the shared apartment. The fact that his wife also worked for some time in the police headquarters as a cleaning lady from December 2019 gives the whole thing a smack.

The process continues.

Those: Giessen General

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