PlayStation almost died – News @JVL


The launch of the PlayStation 3 could have resulted in the death of PlayStation if the PS4 had not been successful thereafter.

Available on September 7, the documentary The PlayStation Revolution, which will summarize the history of Sony in the video game industry, teaches us a secret today. Shahid Ahmad, former leader of PlayStation takes advantage of this documentary to teach us that the PlayStation 3 almost ended the company’s adventure in the gaming sector.

The PS3 was definitely a tough time, as it took a lot of work to correct the technical and financial deficit caused by the introduction of this exceptional hardware. It was extraordinary material, but it was also extremely difficult to get the most out of it. People succeeded and it ended up being a success, but it was a real war of attrition

Following this long battle, Sony itself was surprised by the success of the PlayStation 4 which allowed the brand to relaunch the competition. Ahmad confirms that if all had not gone well, the story could have ended with a mixed performance.

We had to launch the PlayStation 4 in the correct way, because if we didn’t, it could have been the end of PlayStation.


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