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by Lewis Porteous
Updated 14:38, 12 DEC 2021

Paul Struthers, chief executive of the Expert Jockeys Affiliation (PJA), admitted that the firm was completely wrong to say that Bryony Frost had “felt” bullied by fellow pilot Robbie Dunne rather than acknowledging that she was bullied after she Dunne was banned for 18 months.

Dunne was identified responsible of bullying and harassing Frost by an impartial disciplinary jury, which dominated that Dunne experienced engaged in carry out online, on the observe and in the weighbridge that was detrimental to the integrity, fair conduct and very good track record of racing. .

In addition to criticizing the BHA investigation and disciplinary panel, the PJA’s statement following Thursday’s ruling alleged that Frost “felt” bullied, which led to a headline in the Times suggesting that the jockeys’ firm experienced “supported” Dunne.

Struthers admitted on Sunday that the wording used was incorrect and that instead of sensation bullied she was remaining bullied by Dunne.

Speaking with Nick Luck on Sunday early morning, Struthers reported, “Yes, we settle for the disciplinary panel’s judgment on this and their final decision that it was. It is the very first time we have a situation like this involving bullying allegations that they have put a member. against yet another.

“We have a task to guidance both equally of us and we had one particular member who manufactured extremely serious allegations and a different who claimed their innocence of all but a single of them.

“We have been hoping to discover the phrases that walked a tightrope and we have an understanding of why it prompted the difficulties she has, which is why we want to make clear that we accept the disciplinary panel’s acquiring that Bryony was bullied and the language made use of was deeply and grossly inappropriate. “

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photographs)

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When requested to clarify that the PJA was erroneous to say that Frost “felt” bullied, Struthers added: “We unquestionably acknowledge that we could have expressed it in different ways. I believe there is that balance involving the two opposing positions of the men and women concerned in this scenario, but yes. ”

Through her testimony Frost had spoken with emotion of Dunne’s bullying of her and how she experienced been ostracized by male and female colleagues in the weigh room.

Struthers reported the PJA has contacted Frost since Thursday’s verdict, while she acknowledged that she may perhaps have felt she was not supported through the trial by the PJA and that the business could have performed items in another way.

“We have uncovered a ton from this approach, but unquestionably many thanks to Mick Fitzgerald, who is a [PJA] Bryony’s board member and coach, we designed absolutely sure there was somebody with a purpose at PJA who was in get in touch with with Bryony, ”he reported.

“We’ve supplied guidance numerous situations all through this. It’s been difficult. I assume there are some one of a kind worries in this distinct established of situation. I imagine there are certainly factors we have learned and there are points we could have performed better.

“Bryony is a extremely regarded member of the PJA. She has been by way of a terrible time and has proven excellent bravery. I am positive Bryony feels we failed to support her and I understand that. I know we need to do far better and we know that in hindsight. we could have performed in a different way “.

Steve Davis

“title =” Bryony Frost: The PJA agreed that the jockey was bullied by Robbie Dunne, having formerly only insisted that she felt bullied “course =” js-imageLoader “info-at -xn = “https: // www .rp-belongings.com / visuals / information / 2021/12/11/102152-medium.jpeg” details-br-n = “https://www.rp-belongings.com / photos / news / 2021/12/11/102152-medium.jpeg “info-br-m =” https://www.rp-belongings.com/pictures/news/2021/12/11/102152-massive. jpeg “details-br-w =” https://www.rp-belongings.com/images/information/2021/12/11/102152-big.jpeg “data-br-xw =” https: // www. rp-property.com/visuals/news /2021/12/11/102152-large.jpeg “onclick =” return false “>

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Bryony Frost: The PJA accepted that the jockey was bullied by Robbie Dunne, getting formerly only insisted that she “felt bullied”

Steve Davis

The PJA has faced criticism for making an attempt to have the case dismissed in October just before it could come before a judicial panel, which Struthers admitted on Sunday may well have been a blunder on the portion of the PJA, though he the moment once again expressed his see that the disciplinary panel course of action is not reasonable.

He said: “Possibly it was a mistake and it would absolutely have produced lifetime a lot easier if we hadn’t built that connect with. We settle for the panel’s conclusion. I believe devoid of a question the panel done a procedure that was as reasonable as possible, totally.

“The challenge we have, and I know this is unpopular, is that we never believe the complete approach is good. Irrespective, we settle for the panel’s verdict.

“We are having assistance on elements of the entire disciplinary course of action.”

Struthers also admitted that the PJA’s Thursday assertion further inflamed the condition, but mentioned he felt compelled to stand up for its associates soon after BHA specialist Louis Weston explained the weighing tradition as “sour and rancid.” .

“It was so, so damaging,” he claimed of Weston’s remarks. “I you should not do this career since I feel I am seeking to disguise a awful tradition in the pounds home. We know that not anything is best. There are absolutely things that have to have to modify, but it was so inflammatory that it brought on us a significant challenge.

“I absolutely apologize on a own amount that our assert further infected issues and downplayed what Bryony experienced been by means of, what the panel discovered she had suffered, and that she was bullied.

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“We experienced to do what we did, but I recognize it established a negative problem wherever there ended up no winners, it unquestionably didn’t enhance it.”

When asked what the PJA would have accomplished to build each bridges with Frost and make the weighing home a much better place for all its members, he additional: “We will call Bryony. We need to have to comprehend and apologize if, devoid of a doubt, we could have performed the issues otherwise We want to get the job done with the BHA and jockeys to foster a additional respectful tradition.

“It is a dangerous sport and a rough sport. I never assume racing has to be as tricky as it is. I believe it is challenging across the board, it is tricky for the coaches, it really is tricky for the racing workers, it can be challenging for the jockeys.

“I know there is a jockey coaching and advancement system where there are vital recommendations to aid boost this. We have released the code of conduct and altered our composition.

“We have to have to make sure there is a significant enhancement. There is perform to be finished. Racing requirements to do a lot more, all races need to have to appear together to do far more and we want to make absolutely sure that doesn’t transpire yet again.”

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