Pirlo-Juventus Summit: from the technical staff to market strategies


Andrea Pirlo and Juventus management met to prepare for the new season. Andrea Agnelli was also present at the top.

therefore, Andrea Pirlo. The new course of Juventus post Maurizio Sarri starts with him. From the Maestro on the pitch who hopes to become one on the bench too. From the champion of everything who, as a coach, counts zero appearances. He had been chosen for the Under 23, he was catapulted into the greats after just a week. All at the speed of light.

It is forbidden to waste time, after all, in a football reshuffled by the pandemic in time and manner. On Friday, Juventus sadly closed their season, being ousted from the second round Champions League by the hand of Lyon; in just over a month, however, the new season will kick off. And it is for this reason that, today, the first summit within the Juventus environment has already been staged.

The full zebra-striped management was present. In addition to Andrea Agnelli, the presidentissimo. And, of course, to Pirlo himself. On the table, the arguments of a future that is already present: from a staff to be completed to the first market strategies.

Roberto Baronio, pending official status, prepares to embrace Pirlo again after the past common to Brescia, in the national youth teams and at Reggina. A profile to which others can be added, carefully chosen to organize a winning team even off the pitch.

The market, on the other hand, has already brought something in the past weeks or even in the past months: inside Dejan Kulusevski, dall’Atalanta via Parma, e Arthur from Barcelona. Is out Miralem Pjanic, fresh from his fourth consecutive Scudetto in his four seasons a Torino.

It doesn’t end there, of course. The work that awaits the men of Continassa is not simple, called to reshape the squad according to the indications of the former genius of Brescia. Translated: rejuvenation and simultaneous targeted strengthening of the squad. Never like now, it is forbidden to make mistakes.


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