Pink can (finally) see life in pink!

Two years after arriving at the 30 Millions d’Amis de la Tuilerie shelter (77) following acts of abuse, Pink has just experienced the happiness of finding a new family. A hell of a snub for this 4-year-old female dog, little spared by life.

Tears of joy were in order at the 30 Millions d’Amis de la Tuilerie shelter! One of the most endearing female dogs has just found a new family.

The stigma of abuse

A denouement all the more moving as Pink carried a heavy past. In the summer of 2020, the dog was taken from her owner for abuse. Dragging a destroyed front leg, the stigma of the abuse she suffered, she lived in catastrophic conditions. Pink was therefore rescued and taken to the 30 Millions d’Amis de la Tuilerie shelter to be cared for and pampered while the legal proceedings took their course.

Pink will remain two years alongside the volunteers and his fellows. But as time passed, the hope dwindled even more of seeing her regain the warmth of a home: “ She’s a great female dogevokes Anne Puggioni, the director of the refuge. She deserved so much better. Unfortunately, his disability was holding families back… »

Pink has adapted wonderfully to her new family./DR

Then recently, good souls volunteered to take the dog into a “long-term foster family”. A system that allows 1st category dogs – like Pink – to have a new chance to live in peace.

A responsible family to welcome him with open arms

« We were at the shelter because we were looking for a 3rd dogsays Raphael. With our two doggies Iman and Mina, we went around. And there is a female dog with whom it immediately hooked up: it’s Pink! »

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Touched by its history and far from being discouraged by his handicap they therefore decide to take the injured animal into their home. ” It’s a wonderful familyconfirms Anne Puggioni. She is very responsible. After 3 visits to the shelter and meetings with the two other dogs in the home, we were able to complete the paperwork. Pink left us for a better life. »

A few weeks after her adoption, Pink is enjoying her new home. ” She quickly settled into the house.rejoices Raphael. It’s a pleasure to see her play. When you think about the crime of dirty mouth that categorized dogs suffer… Most, like Pink, are super nice. It is a pleasure to have him with us. We better understand the emotion of the healers of the refuge when she left! »

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