Pincky: the moving story of the Chihuahua dog that went viral on social networks

Pinckya small Chihuahua dog residing in the municipality of Compostela (Mexico), has been the protagonist of a moving story that has caused various emotions on social networks.

According to a Facebook post from the Veterinaria Animal Center Pet Shop, a few days ago they broke into the house where the owners of Pincky. The little pet wanted to defend his space and, not knowing what could happen to him, he was seriously injured.

“Awe took care of the place, Pincky He was bleeding and in a lot of pain, we calmed him down to be able to lift and transport him. One of the spikes of the fork went through from the spine to a testicle, and another one went through the entire leg, fortunately none of these pierced any vital organ. After undergoing surgery, we were waiting to see how he reacted since the infection was very serious, “refers to the post of January 30.

Pincky he reacted excellently, he remained under observation for a few days and is being medicated. Pincky has already been discharged and is doing perfectly, you were very brave and strong“adds the post.

The administrator of Veterinaria Animal Center Pet Shop, José Luis Dávalos, confirmed that the vital organs of the small dog They were not compromised, according to statements collected by various Mexican media.

“The dog had three wounds, the tool went through a leg, another of the beaks from the back to a testicle and the abdomen, but the vital organs were not compromised; he was in surgery for two and a half hours, and the most difficult thing was getting the dog out. animal without compromising its life”, he said.

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According to the veterinary center, the owners of Pincky They could not file a complaint with the authorities, since it was not a person who was attacked. For their part, social networks praised the animal’s gesture in defending its space and highlighted its bravery despite its size.


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