Pimonte: Salvatore Coticelli responds to the mayor’s appeal. The first dog in the area returns from the kennel to the village. A new life for Syria!

“Yesterday morning – writes the mayor of Pimonte Francesco Somma – our fellow citizen Salvatore Coticelli was at the Ottaviano kennel to adopt a 4-year-old dog. Salvatore is the first citizen of Pimonte who responded to my appeal launched this summer and aimed at giving a new home to Pimonte’s dogs, housed in the Ottaviano kennel. As a mayor, as a man, as a lover of animals, I can only be happy. Our Savior has consciously chosen to give a new life to this little dog to which he has given the name of Syria ”.

A nice gesture that made by this citizen of Pimonte towards the dog. “The municipality of Pimonte – concludes the mayor Somma – thanks its citizen for this gesture of altruism and love for animals. I hope that other citizens, in the coming weeks, will choose to give our dogs a chance to live. For us, animal care comes first. For all the animals today we had to activate with the Enpa to find a fox cub in an attic ”.

On the animal defense front, the municipality of Pimonte, together with the delegates of the municipality of Castellammare, asked for a technical table in the prefecture regarding the issue of the Maremmani di Faito. “We are against any hypothesis of killing”.

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