Pill for cats and dogs: it must be prescribed by a veterinarian

Pet contraceptives can have serious side effects. The National Food Safety Agency (Anses) recalls that they should only be issued on prescription, by a veterinarian.

Taking oral contraceptives in female dogs and cats is not trivial. The pills which make it possible to avoid pregnancy have indeed well-known side effects due to the hormonal action of these drugs. “Around twenty reports of adverse effects are received each year by the National Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV) underlines ANSES, which recalls that the prescription of contraceptives for domestic animals must be made by a veterinarian, who will determine what is the most suitable medicine for your animal and which will remind you of the precautions for use.

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Pill for cats and dogs: what side effects?

The side effects are mainly of a genital nature (infections, enlargements and tumors of the uterus, breast enlargements and tumors), and hormonal (diabetes mellitus). They mostly occur following a prolonged holdbut short-term treatment can also trigger them.

“These side effects are potentially serious: they require rapid management and surgical and/or medical treatment, and can lead to the death of the animal” insists ANSES, which recommends stopping treatment immediately and contacting a veterinarian if any of these side effects occur.

Pill for cats and dogs: recommendations for use

  • As the risk of serious adverse effects increases with the duration of treatment, administration should be limited to what is strictly necessary.
  • As the risk of serious adverse effects increases in the event of an overdose, the animal must be weighed before each treatment and the dose adjusted to its weight.
  • In case of prolonged treatment (more than 3 months), regular checks should be carried out by a veterinarian.
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The drugs concerned:

Canipil® (Domes Pharma SC laboratory) – Félipil® (Domes Pharma SC laboratory) – Megecat (Vétoquinol laboratory) – Megepil chat® (Omega Pharma France laboratories) – Piludog® (Inovet laboratory) – Controlestril 10® (Omega Pharma France laboratories)

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