Pieve concerts have opened at the church of Sant’Anatolia

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07/18/2021 – The Sant’Anatolia church in Esanatoglia, on Friday 16 July at 9.00 pm, saw the opening of the “I Concerts della Pieve” Esino Organ Festival in its sixth edition.

Sonatas for flute and organ in a rich repertoire that has visited several centuries, from GH Handel with Sonata in A minor, to JS Bach in the Ave Maria and in First Movement for solo flute from Suite n ° 1, Sonata in G minor BWV; JB Loeillet Sonata II op. 3 n ° 2; Anonimo Pistoiese in Arioso but not too much for organ only; until the twentieth century H. Nieland in Arioso. On the flute, M ° Fabrianese Andrea Mori, orchestral musician and chamber musician engaged both in Italy and abroad, winner of prestigious national and international competitions such as “Rovere d’Oro International Competition” and “National Arts Award” also in the duo “CromaticoDuo” flute and guitar and in other chamber ensembles.

At the keyboard of the precious Renaissance organ Baldassarre Malamini, a rare specimen in perfect working order after a delicate restoration in recent years and the pride of the city of Esanatoglia, Maestro Luca Migliorelli. Artistic director of the festival and head of the Toscanini 79 Music School present, with its various local offices in many municipalities in the Macerata and Ancona area.

For years M ° Migliorelli has been actively involved not only in the training of young people, but also in the enhancement of places of music and their protagonists who testify to the cultural and artistic importance of our rich territory; to be able to give voice to such ancient instruments that made the distant past great, means to perpetuate high and universal values, such as that of music. The reopening of the Esino Festival, after last year’s break due to the health emergency, was a sign of rebirth, recovery and desire to share beautiful moments, the large audience present, in compliance with current regulations, testified the desire to return to normal, so expected. The rich repertoire opened with Handel, the sound of the flute and the melodious voice of the organ in unison in a score divided into several tempos, and then followed with Bach / Gounod in the Ave Maria, here the flute interpreted the main melody and the keyboard its perfect accompaniment.

Again Bach for flute solo and Anonimo Pistoiese for organ solo, the sounds of the two instruments have also found space for pieces performed alone. The first appointment of the Esino Festival was a great success in terms of performance and public, the next will be Friday 23 July 2021, at 9.00 pm in the church of Sant’Anatolia, with a concert for organ and violin, played respectively by Walter D’Arcangelo and Cristina Paolucci.

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The mayor of the city of Esanatoglia Luigi Nazareno Bartocci closed the pleasant musical evening; in thanking the two instrumentalists he underlined how the high level of the performances are the result of great technical mastery and high interpretative ability but above all of talent, commitment, passion and dedication to an art, that of music that knows how to convey many other values. aesthetic and cultural, of which our places are proudly guardians.

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