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At the global press conference yesterday evening, the Pico4 series using the Pancake optical solution was officially unveiled. Leland Hedges, head of Pico’s European region, said, “We designed Pico 4 to be one of the lightest and most compact products among all current standalone 6DoF VR all-in-ones.” 4 or the target is still Meta Quest 2, although Pico4 has upgraded many functions, but the most attractive is the price.

It is understood that Pico 4, Meta Quest Pro,appleMR、sonyA variety of new VR products such as PSVR2 will be launched from the second half of the year to the first half of next year. A number of practitioners recently interviewed by reporters from the Financial Associated Press believe that the current VR technology is relatively mature, and with the intensive release of hardware, the VR market is expected to continue to expand.

  Pico debuts after being merged into Bytes

Different from the 98°FOV Fresnel lens design used by the Pico Neo3, the Pico 4 uses a Pancake optical solution.It is reported that no straps andBatteryThe weight of the main unit is 295 grams; the thickness of the shell is also reduced, and the thinnest part is only 35.8 mm. Based on this, Pico CEO Zhou Hongwei called the Pico 4 “as light as a can of soda.”

Pico 4 supports 105° field of view, super 4K resolution, 1200 PPIThe highest pixel density, the highest screen refresh rate of 90Hz, equipped with a wide-band motor 6DoF touch handle and many surroundingsensor

The Pico 4 Pro supports high-precision eye tracking and face tracking.

In terms of content ecology, the company specially introduced Pico 4’s fitness experience applications, a variety ofgame, virtual concerts, survival programs and other content forms. It is reported that the 2023 Just Dance VR version will be exclusively available on Pico 4. Zhou Hongwei said, “Through Pico 4, everyone can exercise,game, video, social and other scenes. “

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In terms of price, the Pico 4 128GB version and 256GB version are priced at 429 euros and 499 euros respectively.

A reporter from the Financial Associated Press noticed that as the first product released after Pico was merged into ByteDance, Pico 4 has attracted much attention recently. In fact, Pico 4 has already started pre-sale online.

  Front just Meta Quest 2?

Combined with the previous revelations, some practitioners told the Financial Associated Press that the target of the Pico 4 is still the Meta Quest 2 released in October 2020. Some enthusiasts said that the current new upgrade may not be enough to replace the machine. The attraction may be the price.

From August 1 this year, the prices of the Meta Quest 2 128GB version and 256GB version have been raised to $399 and $499, respectively, which Meta said was due to “increasing manufacturing and shipping costs.” Before the press conference, a reporter from Cailian News learned from a visit to a Pico experience store in Shenzhen that the Pico Neo3 128GB version and 256GB version are priced at 1,999 yuan and 2,299 yuan respectively. Currently, you can also enjoy discounts when purchasing Pico Neo3 128GB version in offline stores.

Head Leopard Research Institute TMT+ IndustryanalystIn an interview with the Financial Associated Press, Ou Xiangwen said, “I think Pico 4 can bring consumers a better product experience at a lower price than Meta Quest 2.”

Ou Xiangwen believes that Pico’s hardware performance and technical strength are comparable to Quest. Taking the Pico Neo3 as an example, the hardware parameters are slightly higher than those of the Quest2, and it is better than the Quest 2 in terms of screen and field of view. After the price increase of the Quest2, the Pico Neo3 still has a clear price advantage. On the other hand, ByteDance uses self-built,M&Ato build a relatively complete VR ecosystem in China. On the basis of giving play to its hardware advantages, Pico can use the byte ecosystem to catch up and surpass Quest.

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butGuosen Securitiesup to dateResearch reportIt is pointed out that the gap between Quest and Pico is rooted in the content ecology, and Quest is stronger thangamePico is expected to use video corners to overtake, and Pico is expected to become the leader of VR video live broadcast.

In the eyes of consumers, it is also a major “slot” that the game scale of the application market is smaller than that of Quest2. It is understood that the current Pico game content comes from its own Pico Store on the one hand, and Pico can be streamed to the Steam platform on the other hand. At present, the total number of Pico applications is maintained at about 200, of which games account for about 75%, about 6,500 on the Steam platform, and 80% of Steam exclusive content.

In addition, some enthusiasts complained to reporters, “Pico will give up the old products when a new generation of products is released.” In this regard, the staff of the Pico experience store told the Financial Associated Press, “After the new product is launched, the store is not sure whether there is still Pico Neo3, just Like we are now only selling the latest generation of products.”

  The C-end market has high growth and strong certainty

Ou Xiangwen believes, “After years of development, the current VR technology is relatively mature and has entered a period of soft power improvement. The VR product form is relatively mature, the experience is better, and the technical route is more certain. In the first quarter of this year, the global VR head display In 2022, the annual shipment volume is expected to reach 16 million units, and it is expected to exceed 50 million units in five years.”

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From the perspective of the application-end market, Ou Xiangwen told the Financial Associated Press that the current C-end consumer market has a strong high growth certainty, and the B-end market cannot be ignored. At present, B-end players are mainly small and medium-sized 2B enterprise solution providers, which may be a breakthrough point for growth in the future.

It is worth noting that the current Pancake solution has become mainstream and has been used in HTC, YVR, Skyworth, Pico and other brand VR all-in-one machines.appleAnd other brands of VR new products may use this solution.

In terms of VR headset optical solutions,Goertek(002241.SZ) company officials told the Financial Associated Press, “In order to solve the bottleneck of further thinning the Fresnel lens in VR equipment, Goertek took the lead in realizing the mass production of Pancake modules in 2019, and VR headset equipment The unit value of the company has increased significantly.”

at the same time,Shanshan Shares(600884.SH) subsidiary Shanjin Optoelectronics,Sanli spectrum(002876.SZ)、Shenzhen Textile A(000045.SZ) and other listed companies are actively deploying the Pancake track including polarizers and other segments;OFILM(002456.SZ) previously stated that in the field of VR/AR, it involves the layout of optical lenses, imaging modules, optical-mechanical modules, and complete machine assembly and manufacturing.

Iterative updates and continuous upgrades of hardware are expected to accelerate the development and growth of the industry, and industry chain companies will undoubtedly enjoy market growth dividends.However, some hardware manufacturers pointed out to the Financial Associated Press that the nextperformanceThe outbreak time mainly depends on the XR application upgrade and the expansion progress of the content ecology.

(Article source: Financial Associated Press)

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