PICO 4 is the best VR of the year in the eyes of 190,000 consumers

On November 4th, the 2022 MUST Awards Muggle Youth Choice Awards were officially announced, covering various digital technology categories such as annual flagship, annual cost-effective, annual folding screen, annual AR/VR, and annual notebook. The newly launched PICO 4 VR all-in-one machine won the “VR/VR Device of the Year” award with its more powerful hardware configuration, more comfortable wearing experience, and richer content ecology. In addition, in the just-concluded Double Eleven opening event, PICO 4 also won the top three platforms in sales and sales on Tmall, JD.com and Douyin.

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The selection was jointly initiated by the MCN Muggle Alliance, the head of scientific and technological knowledge, and the negative evaluation of new technology media. It is a consumer selection award focusing on new products, new technologies and new achievements of the technology Internet. Consumers can choose one product of the year in their minds from the nominations for each category. In the past month, the event has received a total of 190,241 votes. In the end, PICO 4 overwhelmed ROKID Air, Qiyu Dream Pro, nreal air and other products, becoming the most popular “VR/AR device of the year” among consumers. In the same field, the flagship mobile phone iPhone 14 Pro series of the year and the notebook Macbook Air (M2) of the year were also awarded.

Being able to stand out in the votes of 190,000 consumers and win the annual VR/AR device award is naturally inseparable from the powerful product power and rich content ecology of PICO 4. As PICO’s current flagship product, PICO 4 adopts the leading Pancake folding optical path design. The front end of the headset weighs only 295g, making the wearing experience more comfortable and lightweight. At the same time, PICO 4 achieves a 105° large field of view and 4K+ resolution, allowing consumers to get a more immersive visual enjoyment when watching movies or entertaining and exercising. The newly upgraded HyperSense vibration controller, combined with PICO’s self-developed 6DoF spatial positioning solution, can not only achieve sub-millimeter-level positioning accuracy and millisecond-level response delay, but also make the player’s entertainment experience more realistic and delicate.

In addition to hardware, PICO 4 is also fully expanded in terms of software ecology, including four scenarios of VR sports, VR video, VR entertainment, and VR creation, which can provide consumers with more diversified experiences and choices. As a leading brand in the VR industry, PICO actively cooperates with third-party content companies, and at the same time continues to invest in self-made content, and is committed to creating the most abundant and high-quality content platform in China for consumers.

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Take the sports and fitness that young people are keen on as an example. With only 3 square meters of space, players can have a “private exclusive gym” with PICO 4, which can not only let fitness say goodbye to boring, but also break through the limitations of time and space to achieve fun anytime, anywhere. fat effect. In addition, the new PICO 4 also has more than 50 sports and fitness applications. For example, in the “Super Burning Moment” jointly created with the super orangutan, there are more than 500 minutes of personal training courses for consumers to follow and practice, combined with PICO’s self-developed CalSense physical fitness The monitoring algorithm not only ensures the fun of VR sports, but also allows players to view the fitness effect in real time.

Under the VR video scene, PICO Video has also established cooperative relationships with more than 30 VR native content companies, Hollywood production companies, and top domestic streaming media platforms to jointly explore and expand the ecological boundaries of VR video content. In addition to fully virtual, 6DoF VR concerts, and interactive video content, PICO videos will also be launched for the Qatar World Cup in half a month. At that time, fans can enjoy the four-year football feast more immersively through PICO 4 and PICO Neo3 products.

From the successful opening of the Double Eleven event to winning the “VR/AR Device of the Year” award this time, it can be seen that PICO 4 is winning more and more consumers’ recognition and love. At present, the Double Eleven promotion is still in progress. PICO’s VR all-in-one machines continue to sell well on multiple platforms. For more discounts, please pay attention to PICO’s official website and various e-commerce platforms.

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