Photos missing Beirut shared on Instagram page: ‘Please call’


In a short time, hundreds of photos have been shared with the hashtag #LocateVictimsBeirut. By 9:00 AM, the number of followers had risen to nearly 60,000. In the comments, people continue to respond with tips and information they have from the hospitals.

The page also points to a crowdfunding campaign, where people can donate money to help victims of the explosion. Since last night, more than two million euros has already been raised.

“He is justified”

The online search already yields messages from people who have found each other. For example, Travisk Houry writes that his friend has been found. “Thank you all, he is justified.”

But for the family and friends of hundreds of other missing people in Beirut, the nightmare is not over yet and uncertainty remains. Fuad Hallak writes below a photo: “I just spoke to Rawan Msto’s parents, and she still hasn’t been found.”

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