Philadelphia woman says man killed dog, hit in Spring Garden burglary

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A man is in custody after being charged with killing a dog in a Philadelphia woman’s apartment and then assaulting her on Friday.

“I ran to Whole Foods to buy some pre-purchased groceries,” said Gretchen Brock.

She says she didn’t stay longer than 15 minutes and left her Alexander High Rise apartment in Spring Garden unlocked, believing it to be secure.

“The building is normally safe. You would think it’s safe, ”Brock said.

But she returned to find a stranger, a man in her place brutalizing her five-pound Yorkie named Zenith.

“He was shaking my dog. He had my dog ​​by the neck, ”said Brock. “He had already strangled and thrown my dog ​​because he was limp.”

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The man, identified by authorities as Jamel Evans, 34, then kicked her out of his apartment.

“When I walked out into the hallway I started yelling for help and trying to get my dog ​​out of his hand,” Brock said. “He just started punching me. He hit me on the head. ”

A neighbor came out and brought Brock to his apartment for his safety.

Police arrived shortly after and took Evans into custody.

Brock took Zenith to the emergency vet, but it was too late.

“They told me he had been strangled and his ribs were broken,” she added.

Brock says Zenith would have been one year old on December 24.

“It was the sweetest thing, and what breaks my heart is that I know that when (the suspect) walked into my apartment, my dog ​​was just happy to see a human. For he killed my dog ​​in such a vicious way, I want this man in jail for an extremely long time, ”Brock said.

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The district attorney’s office has approved charges of burglary, criminal trespassing, aggravated animal cruelty, petty assault and reckless endangerment.

Due to the depravity of the crime, the prosecutor’s office asks for a dollar short of a $ 1 million bond.

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