Pfänderbahn receives new sponsored student Olga Kulic – START scholarships

On Wednesday, November 24th, the new sponsored student Olga Kulic, accompanied by START-VBG project manager Sandra Kunz, introduced herself to her new sponsor.

DI Thomas Kinz, board member of the Pfänderbahn, took the time to get to know his new scholarship holder personally. After arriving, he asked Olga whether she already knew the city of Bregenz well. The student said no and got a wonderful panoramic view of Bregenz with detailed information about the history of the city and the importance of the various buildings. Then Mr. Kinz invited us to his office, where it was now time to get to know each other better. Mr. Kinz asked his new sponsor student a few questions and talked about how important it is to integrate well in our society. He named the donor couple Dearstyne, one of the best role models for integration. Mr. Kinz reported that Olga was now the third sponsored child in a row and that he was very happy about it. Olga talked about her hobbies, her wishes and dreams and about her goals after graduating from high school, either to study journalism or political science. Afterwards, Mr. Kinz gave his new sponsored child his business card and invited them to go skiing with the family.

A big thank you to Thomas Kinz for many years of support!

Report from Sandra

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