Pet Ville: They invite you to donate to animal shelter


The shelter has enabled the number 9824-8715 to adopt an animal or sponsor it.

San Pedro Sula. The Amor y Vida Shelter requires food, medicine and grooming supplies for more than 300 dogs and cats collected from the streets. This organization, 12 years old, which emerged in the colony Celeo Gonzalezsubsists on the contributions of donors.

The Eta and Iota floods affected Céleo, and Marta Guzmán Leiva and her daughter Paola Guzmán, founders of the refuge, had to move the 150 animals that they cared for at the time.

It currently works on 14th Avenue, 33rd Street, in Montefresco Oeste, on a borrowed property where the kennels were made.

The funds of the donors they serve to pay for veterinary services and food, but they need more to be able to take care of the animals properly.


That is why THE PRESS organized the Pet Ville event for this coming August 20. This will take place at Altara Mall from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The call is for all Hondurans to go to the event and donate food, supplies such as violet for wounds, antibiotics, medicine for mites and cleaning supplies such as shampoo and soap against fleas and ticks, among other items, for these animals.

At the event there will also be a contest for the best canine and feline haircut and fashion show. Also, the sampedranos will be able to adopt animals in the event following a series of minimum requirements.

“We invite all the people of San Pedro to donate to these little animals that need support and to the foundation that watches over them and takes them off the streets,” he said. Gisselle Caballerorepresentative of Marketing of THE PRESS. Love and Shelter Foundation also has the bank account enabled BAC 725894521 for donations.

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