Peruvian artist Daniela Ortiz follows Fluxus – “Art of the Wir” instead of an “Art of the I” convinced the jury – sensor Magazin – Wiesbaden

The 15th “Follow Fluxus” grant from the state capital and the Nassauischer Kunstverein goes to Daniela Ortiz, who was born in 1985 in Cusco, Peru. The artist, who lives and works in Urubamba, Peru, and Barcelona, ​​develops complex anti-racist and anti-colonial narratives in paintings, collages, installations and performances as well as in children’s books and workshops.


The scholarship includes 10,000 euros in prize money, a three-month work stay in Wiesbaden and a solo exhibition at the Kunstverein.

The five-member jury decided unanimously from 81 nominations and justified the choice as follows: “With her seemingly playful and at the same time deeply politically engaged works, Daniela Ortiz creates strong visual narratives that deal with themes such as violence, racism, social class and migration. In an imaginative pictorial language that is not characterized by a Eurocentric aesthetic, she works through colonial power relations and reveals the underlying structures that shape our society. With her paintings, collages, installations and performances, she shows an ‘art of the we’ instead of an ‘art of the ego’, which testifies to a strong interest in people – people who, in turn, Daniela Ortiz is able to enrich and surprise.”

(sun / Photo: Victor Serri)


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