Persib Achieves Different Results in 2 Counter Trials of the West Java PON Team

Persib Bandung held a trial against the West Java PON football team at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium (GBLA), Saturday (13/3/2021). This trial took place twice with each match lasting 60 minutes.

In the first game, Persib, who appeared without a pure attacker, failed to beat the West Java PON team. This match ended with a score draw, 1-1.

Persib coach Robert Alberts installed Esteban Vizcarra and Beckham Putra Nugraha on the front lines. While in the second line Robert played four local players, Dedi Kusnandar, Abdul Aziz, Erwin Ramdani, and Febri Hariyadi.

While on the back line, Robert installed a quartet of Henhen Herdiana, Nick Kuipers, Achmad Jufriyanto, and Ardi Idrus. Then under the crossbar, Robert brought down I Made Wirawan.

Persib, who are superior in terms of player quality, managed to excel first through Erwin Ramdani’s action who maximized Beckham Putra’s bait at the end of the first half. 1-0 score lasted until halftime.

In the second half, the West Java PON team began to get out of Persib’s pressure. The result was that in the 28th minute they managed to equalize through Supriatna’s action.

The draw in the first game apparently succeeded in motivating the Persib players. The result in the second game, the team nicknamed the Blue Prince managed to win with a score of, 2-0.

Frets Butuan opened Persib’s advantage after maximizing Mario Jardel’s bait. After winning one goal, Persib continued to dictate the game against his opponent.

However, from a number of opportunities created, they have not been able to increase their advantage. The 1-0 score closed the first half.

Entering the second 30 minutes, Persib continued to appear dominant even though the West Java PON team occasionally tried to equalize. This dominance also succeeded in producing a second goal which was again contributed by Frets Butuan.

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The 2-0 score for Persib in this second game lasted until the game was over. This result is one of the capital for Persib before appearing in the Menpora Cup 2021 which will start on March 21st.

The composition of Persib players
More details

The following is the composition of Persib players in the first game: I Made Wirawan, Nick Kuipers, Achmad Jufriyanto, Henhen Herdiana, Ardi Idrus, Dedi Kusnandar (C), Erwin Ramdani, Abdul Aziz, Febri Hariyadi, Esteban Vizcarra, Beckham Putra Nugraha

The following is the composition of Persib players in the second game: Teja Paku Alam (M. Natshir), Kakang Rudianto (Supardi Nasir), Victor Igbonefo, Bayu M Fiqri, Zalnando, Ardi Maulana, Puja Abdilah (Julius Josel), Mario Jardel, Agung Mulayadi (Ferdinand Sinaga), Frest Butuan, Saiful


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